Why the Wizards will ultimately trade Kevin Seraphin

In a season which has seen significant roster upheaval, sparse frontcourt depth and a dedication to nurture youth development from upstairs, Kevin Seraphin has failed to make any semblance of an impact on a game-to-game basis -- apart from picking up quick fouls. He sets great picks, has displayed a toughness which this team has long lacked, and has exhibited a nifty hook inside, but he has generally failed to take advantage of the ample playing time that has been readily available for the taking. Moreover, he has shown the least amount of growth of any other Wizard this season.

Naturally with any rookie, he's extremely young, all the more raw given his comparative inexperience in competitive basketball (5 years I believe), and was widely assumed to be a candidate for the D-league by most teams prior to the draft. This inherently makes any growth this season a plus, effectively a notch in the belt looking to the future.

Unfortunately for Seraphin, there won't be the necessary minutes available for him to continue to develop in Washington.

This is under the assumption that Blatche will be kept on -- it's now far more difficult to imagine Grunfeld dealing him at this point, regardless of whether it is the right move (he's part of the "Big 3," afterall) -- and with the assumption that Nick Young will be retained (as part of Ted Leonsis' commitment to re-signing the team's "best young players to long term" deals and showing "the players you are very loyal to them.").

With this in mind, we currently have 6 players that figure to command significant minutes: Wall, Young, Crawford, McGee, Blatche, and Booker. When you consider our top-5 pick, that immediately makes 7. And then you add Atlanta's first round pick, our 2012 lottery pick (probably top-10), and our marquee player addition in 2012 or 2013 (either through free agency or a trade… Kevin Love is unrestricted in 2013, restricted after next season) -- suddenly there is barely room for Seraphin to see court time.

Not to mention that Rashard Lewis will demand significant minutes next season. And any other veteran big man we pick up in free agency. (And Othyus Jeffers!)

Ultimately, Seraphin represents our greatest trade chip if we do in fact keep Blatche around. He represents our only opportunity to move into the top 10 of the draft with Atlanta's pick, a similar opportunity to move up next season, or as a piece to be used to attempt to pry a disgruntled DeMarcus Cousins out of Sacremento down the line (or a player of similar talent). Seraphin is all the more valuable in a trade given that he is on an exceedingly cheap contract that makes him a restricted free agent for the 2014/2015 season.

While Seraphin provides value as an end-of-bench body to get hard fouls, someone who (ideally) trains hard and can present tough opposition for Blatche/Booker/draftpick in practice, he most likely won't get the chance to develop in Washington. Certainly not if we add someone like Enes Kanter in the draft. Not only does he need minutes that won't be available here, but he will almost certainly be no better than a 10th or 11th man on a Wizards team that will be ready to compete in the playoffs come 2013. Which makes him as good as gone -- just a matter of time.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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