Realistic Wizard Rebuilding Ideas?

i have a number of ideas that could be realistic to the wizards in the next couple of years, its part OKC-Presti, part luck

the wiz need veterens that is a hardworker, overachiever, and brings in total effort every night to be a good role model for the young players.  we need a Nick Collison/Chris Andersen type player.  One that fits the category is Chuck Hayes.  He is one of the top backups bigs in the NBA.  The Wiz need a guy that can play both PF and Center.  The Wiz could give him a Nick Collison type deal, 5 y 23 million. 

2011-2012           10 m

2012-2013           3.25 m

2013-2014           3.25 m

2014-2015           3.25 m

2015-2016           3.25 m

The wiz have plenty of cap space this off season to pull this type of deal off.  The best thing about the deal is that his contact wouldn't tie up cap space for the years ahead. 

Now in 2012-13, with roughly 18-22 million dollars under the cap (assuming rashard will be bought out at 10 m, rookie contracts, no javale, no Nick Young (i'll get back to that later), etc

Why not go after George Hill and/or Nicolas Batum?

Hill and Batum are potential all-star calibur players at their positions.  Hill and Batum have played for Defensive minded coaches so they actually know how to play defense unlike half of the current wizard roster. Hill and Batum have been giving uneven minutes since they have been in the NBA, so you know they are ready to leave
their current teams.  I assume that Hill and Batum would jump at the chance to be starters in the NBA and play for a Capable Pass-First point guard such as John Wall.  Hill was a very good scorer in college and could play his natural position of SG in DC.  Batum has shown flashes of greatness and he is only 23. 

The Wiz could frontend the contracts on Hill and Batum in the first 2 years of their contracts, I'll roughly estimate their contracts

George Hill         5 year/30 million

2012-2013           8 m

2013-2014           8 m

2014-2015           4.6 m

2015-2016           4.6 m

2017-2018           4.6 m

Nicolas Batum       5 year/45 million

2012-2013           12 m

2013-2014           12 m

2014-2015           7  m

2015-2016           7  m

2017-2018           7  m

Couple of reason why the wiz should front end the first two years of their contracts.  Since Hill and Batum are restricted players, the Wizards need to front end these contracts because most teams wouldn't either be capable or scared to death to commit such large salaries to their teams at the current time due to the New CBA.  The other reason is that it would free up more money down the road for extensions for Wall, Seraphin, and Booker. 

I know their is a lot of love for Nick Young, but the wiz should pass on Young.  NicK Young is way too one-dimensional to commit a big contract to.  The perfect example of this is Ben Gordon.  Hill could potential be a 17 pts/5 reb/5 assist a game.

A potential Wall/Hill/Batum/Booker/Seraphin starting lineup would be very entertaining and potential great.  And I am not including the potential draft picks the Wiz will get the next couple of years.  The NBA is filled with mid-level contracts that help kill cap space in the long run for many NBA teams.  Look at how much the contracts of Etan Thomas and Darius Songalia hurt the Wiz for many years.  So why not just front end players that could have the potential to be great players.  The Wiz should use the San Antonio mold of signing Euro League Vets, D-Leaguers, Draft picks, and NBA vet minimums to fill out their roster with their core players. 

I think that Hill is a realistic option for the Wiz but Batum might be a difficult signing.  If the wiz could package a no. 1 pick with Blatche for an expiring contract, this scenerio could be realistic (good luck with that, lol) for more cap space down the road.

Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas?


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