Notes from the Orlando Game

I had the opportunity to go to the game tonight and I have to admit I had a good time.  Here are a few thoughts:

  • This was the first Wizards game I've been to in about 6 or 7 years (been in college) and I noticed a lot of changes, overall the atmosphere was much more fan-friendly than the Pollin-days
  • Food is ridiculous and not worth the price, and $4 for a bottle of iced tea, really?
  • Loved the Chipotle blimp that threw out the gift cards
  • The skits during the timeouts were much more engaging and entertaining than I remembered them.  You can tell they really are putting better effort in the fan experience

The game:

  • Dwight got a lot of cheers.  He got cheered more than some Wizards.
  • Blatche was making people mad.  The guy that was sitting next to me and my brother HATED Blatche with a passion.  There was little bits of boos through out the game for him.
  • Gilbert was getting cheered/booed 60/40.  I was surprised because there were more boos than I expected.  It was noticeable boos.
  • JJ Redick was getting booed a ridiculous amount.  People hate him here.
  • The officials were awful!!!  The block that Wall had on Arenas was all ball and the fans were mad, but when he got that phantom foul on Arenas that caused him to get the T, you can tell that everyone thought the game was over.  I have no problem with them calling it light or tight, but the Wizards were not getting anything on the other end.  The inconsistency was frustrating.  Those calls took them out of the game mentally.
  • Booker's dunk over Earl Clark, brought every one off their feet for a good minute.  People went crazy.  Definitely a highlight dunk.
  • Hinrich was the best Wizard tonight.  Kept them in it longer than they should have been.

Despite the lost, I had a fun time.  I love the changes they have made.  They are really doing a good job of making the game exciting and I think once this team starts winning, this will be a hot ticket in this area.

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