Kudos to Ernie


Look where we are from 1 year ago.  He’s set us up financially for a big splash in the future…



-- He traded the untradable in arenas (who literally plays 10 min in Orlando, and was aweful for us from a PR standpoint) for rashard and saves a years worth of space (maybe more not sure about the last year of RL’s K).  Rashard is so much better than arenas from a locker room, veteran, and leadership standpoint, as well as on the court in my opinion.  


-- He traded a 2nd rd pick to Chicago for 17th (seraphin) & $3m, Crawford (27th)…who btw is a hell of a shooter—and really didn’t get much PT in Atlanta behind 2 allstars and jamal Crawford,  AND a late first rounder next year, AND shed some caps space while doing it….AND hopefully next year we can deal Bibby (expiring K) before the trade deadline to get another draft pick from a team that needs a backup PG.


-- He traded up to get booker who I love, (and look at the guys behind him other than landry fields I can’t really say anyone is drastically more promising).


--He restructured Blatches’ K to give us more cap space in the future.


--He took on Yi’s contract for QR.  Overall I like Yi better than ross.  Yi’s not great but he’s young (arguably), and he’s been injured a LOT the last 2 seasons.  Before his big injury this year he was definitely showing promise when his Jumper is on.  One thing though that kid needs to put some touch on the ball I swear Its etiher a swish or a long rebound


In terms of player development, obviously there is a lot of ????, but look at where Mcgee and NY were just 1 year ago. 


He drafted Blatche 49th overall. I mean come on that’s impressive he’s a bench player ill give you that but still NBA quality.


Am I missing anything?


--kwame for caron was good too....


UPDATE ---Ernie Cons:

--Blatche's K wasn't that bad.  He's frustrating as he is right now, I think if his jumper improves a lot he can really be dangerous offensivly.  The fact is he's a finesse player.  He's always been one, and we can't ask him to be something he's not.

--EG should have gotten BEASLEY this summer.   Miami was clearing cap space for bron bron and he was available for cheap.   And the guys from DC.  Really mad about that.

--5th pick last year for mike miller and foye.  Fact is the big 3, even at their best and healthiest werent gonna win a title with that group.  He should have been fair to the fans about that one.  



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