Drinking the Red, White and Blue Kool-Aid!!!!

***I posted this as a response post to an earlier fan post and felt that i wrote enough to actually create a fan post from the content**** (notice the precipitous use of the word "post")

 Just to kind of speak on the team as a whole, I know everyone is upset at the way that this team is playing now. I am as well. However, WE ARE REBUILDING!!! I think that we as Wizards fans need to understand what we have and what we don’t have. A good majority of us each season believe that we are one maybe 2 pieces away from a playoff contender. The truth is that we are not that talented right now. My points:

*Rebuilding teams need at least one piece to build around – It takes time to add other pieces to make the team more talented. We did this by drafting J. Wall.

*Evaluate the current roster and head coach – One of the most important parts of the rebuild is the head coach. Flip will be evaluated probably a little more fairly after he has more talent. Will he last this season? No one knows, however, please show me a coach who could get the best out of some of the players on the roster. The Roster – Seriously folks, who on this board thought that we actually had a playoff roster this year? I know I didn’t. NY, JM, Book, Seraphin and maybe Hamady could be apart of the rebuild. I don’t think that Blatche is even coachable at this point or ever will be. He is a head case and is consistently inconsistent. He will never reach his true potential because he can’t take criticism. Everyone in the DC area see faults or things that need improvement in his game except for “Blatche”. Thats a recipe for disaster. (My apologies: evaluate the GM as well)

*The Draft – Let’s face it, this team is in dire need of talent! The best way to acquire this talent (outside of giving someone max money even if they don’t deserve it) is by selecting talent fromt the Draft for the next two years. The Wizards are in no position to draft by position. They need to take the best available player on the board each time they come to the podium.

*Learning how to win – I believe that there has been a change in culture in this team. Yes, they have lost 25 consecutive road games, however, I have watched each loss and each time, they get closer and closer to closing the game out. As a young team, you will struggle like this until you learn how to close out games. This team will figure it out either sometime this year or next year in the beginning of the season. The first step to becoming a winning franchise is by taking care of home. This team is learning to do that by having a winning record at home. With a little more talent and dedication to getting better, i believe that we can be a very good team in the next couple of years.

Listen Wiz fans, this is a rebuild and it will take a while to get going. Look at what OKC has done. Look at what Memphis is doing. It takes time for a team to cleanse itself of its losing ways and become a winner. I don’t know about you but I didn’t expect that they would go 0-25 on the road this deep into the season, nor did I expect that they would be any good this year. What I would suggest is for all of us to sit back, relax, try to enjoy some competitive basketball and be patient.


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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