A Team in Crisis

After the first preseason game I sarcastically titled a post "The Sky Is Falling" after the Wizards embarrassing opening performance. A week later I think the sky falling might actually be a better thing then what's happening now with the team!

Game 1: Andray Blatche complains about where he's getting the ball, goes to Twitter (twice) and makes it worse.

Game 2: John Wall is heard yelling at his coach to pull one of his teammates off the court.

Game 3: Roger Mason Jr. is removed from the game for not being on the official list of active players, yelling as he is forced to leave the court.

This is not good!

The franchise is in real trouble!

Ted Leonsis needs to buy some air space on CSN and give an old fashioned "fireside chat", a la FDR, because even those of us that are die hard fans, who have witnessed decades of losing are starting to wonder what's going on with this team.

My expectations for a young team are very different from what I've witnessed not just this season, but even going back to last year, as the team hasn't changed much in personnel . I expect to see a young team that bleeds after every game, not just physically, as they must dive for every 50/50 ball, fight for every possession, but also a team that bleeds for each other. I want to see a young group of guys that have the mentality that they may get beaten this time or this season, but the next time they see you they're going to be better and beat you! I want to see a group of young guys with chemistry, guys that are high fiving one another, picking each other up off the court, and a group of guys that have each others back's.

I don't see that in this team or with this group of players...and this is a problem!

Perhaps it's the coaching...and I think it is.

Maybe it's the group of players...and I think it is.

With 63 games left to go the Wizards are already in deep trouble, the type of clashing and bickering that typically comes at the end of a long frustrating season is already bubbling up at the beginning . I'm concerned that with a condensed schedule, including much more travel time, and hotel stays, it will only further splinter a young group of very different personalities.

This is crunch time for the coaching staff....we are in Code RED!

It's make or break time for Flip as his seat is getting hotter by the day! If he can't reign in his team and show some development on the court, offensively and defensively, then his time needs to be up. Last night's ordeal with Roger Mason was inexcusable! I know that Flip did not create the list, this is most likely a job that his son Ryan does. Ryan creates the list before the game and hands it to his father to sign and hand in. It was a mental lapse, a mistake, and harmless, however these are the types of things that make it embarrassing to be a Wizards fan. This is the NBA! At least turn in an accurate active roster sheet!

Things are only going to get tougher and the fire is only going to get hotter with back to back games against the Celtics, @ Orl, NYK, Minn, Tor, @ Chi, and a home and home versus the Sixers on the schedule. What's going to happen when the team is 0-10, 0-12, 0-16 (all very realistic!)?

I am very concerned!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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