Minutes for Booker a microcosm of the Failings of the Organization

Game 3: A huge game. Win and your back on track. Lose and you are 0-3 and in a huge hole and a joke.

Starting up front: Lewis-Blatche-McGee

Down 11 Flip brings in our Defensive Stopper, Rookie Chris Singleton

Question: Why wait until you are down 11 to bring in your defensive stopper?

3rd Quarter Down 20 Flip brings in Trevor Booker and sits Lewis and Blatche. Wizards scrap the lead down to 9.

Booker goes out, Lewis and Blatche come back in.

Result: Lead balloons back to 17. Game over.

Question: Flip, what the f***?

Ernie Grunfeld has invested alot in Andray Blatche. 2nd round draft pick. Keeping him in the organization all these years. Signed him to that 5 year, 15 million contract several years ago after no one had offered Andray a contract. Gave him a raise with a 5 year 35 million extension. Ernie is committed. To the point where Ted Leonsis has said that Andray is one of the Wizards building blocks. Flip knows it and so he HAS TO PLAY Andray Blatche. It does not matter if Andray refuses to go in a game (Flip started him the next game). It does not matter if Andray settles for 18-20 foot jumpers AFTER Flip tells him to play inside (Flip keeps him in the game). The Wizards are so worried about Andray's FEELINGS.

Poor Booker. 2nd year 1st round draft pick out of Clemson. A beast. Full of Energy. A smart basketball player. Did you see that great outlet pass against the Bucks? The investment in Booker is far less than Andray.

So Booker sits. Waits for his turn when the Wizards are so far down that Flip gets desperate. Then when Booker and his energy and smart basketball skills cuts the lead to a maneagble deficit, Flip does what Flip always does: He puts in Andray and the others who put the Wizards in the big hole in the first place.

What about Kevin Seraphin? Another 2nd year 1st round draft pick who surprised the European community by making the French National Team. Not only did he make the team but he beat out a player who was a staple and fan favorite of the Country. Seraphin worked hard this offseason. It does not matter to Flip or the Organization. The Veterans will get the minutes. JaVale will definitely get his with his massive potential. But to ignore Seraphin is simply foolish.


Who was our power forward when Mr.Kourdashian put up Dwight Howard numbers? Who was caught flat footed facing Andrew Bogut when Bogut went around the player for a reverse Jam? Who keeps on chucking 18 to 20 foot jumpers at the most inopportune time (and usually the other team gets the rebound and scores quickly)?

I will give you a hint: It ain't Trevor Booker. It ain't Kevin Seraphin.

It is Ted Leonsis Cornerstone player he has generally graced us on this team. And we wonder why we are the laughing stock of the NBA? (ps. Roger Mason is a member of the Wizards. You might wanna check that.)

To the Wizards Organization:

If you are not going to play Trevor Booker or Kevin Seraphin then please do them and us a favor and Trade Them away to a team that will value their skills. Maybe we can get some more old players that Flip would love to play.

I love Nick Young. The Wizards community loves Nick Young. But what does it tell you when ALL 29 other teams would not offer Nick a contract more than $3.7million dollars? (And please do not tell me it is because an offer would tie up money- the Wizards would have had A MERE 3 DAYS TO MATCH).

After Andray showed JaVale how to get into a bar fight the Wizards put Blatche up for trade. Not one team came with an offer. 29 other teams decided they do not want him on their team. I wonder why?

It's kinda funny. IMO: The Wizards organization is viewing Andray Blatche the same way Ted's Capitals view Alex Ovechkin.

Question: Describe 1 word that would describe the Washington Wizards organization at the moment?

Answer: Dillusional

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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