Nick Young And The Qualifying Offer: Why It Means He's Probably Gone Next Season

With all the noise about Nick Young potentially signing the qualifying offer to stay with the Wizards and become an unrestricted free agent next season, I feel the need to point out that if that's what ends up happening, it probably means this will be his last year in D.C. Michael Lee listed the 10 players who signed the qualifying offer since the new CBA started in 1999.

Ben Gordon, Raymond Felton, Michael Olowokandi, Stromile Swift, Robert Swift, Mickael Pietrus, Melvin Ely, Vladimir Radmanovic and Rasho Nesterovic are the other players who decided to sign qualifying offers to become unrestricted free agents a year later.

All 10 of those guys saw the writing on the wall: the qualifying offer means the team probably doesn't really want the player long-term. All 10 left the next season. Here's a breakdown of what happened with them.

Ben Gordon

  • Signed qualifying offer with Bulls in 2008
  • Emerged as starting shooting guard and playoff hero.
  • Signed five-year deal with Pistons

Raymond Felton

  • Signed qualifying offer with Bobcats in 2009
  • Had best season of career.
  • Signed two-year deal with Knicks.

Michael Olowokandi

  • Signed qualifying offer with Clippers in 2002.
  • Played just 36 games
  • Signed three-year deal with Timberwolves.

Stromile Swift

  • Signed qualifying offer with Grizzlies in 2004.
  • Averaged 10/5 for Memphis in 2005.
  • Signed four-year contract with Rockets.

Robert Swift

  • Signed qualifying offer with Sonics in 2008.
  • Did not play in the NBA again after 2008/09.

Mickael Pietrus

  • Signed qualifying offer with Warriors in 2007.
  • Had OK year for Warriors.
  • Signed four-year deal with Magic.

Melvin Ely

  • Signed qualifying offer with Bobcats in 2006.
  • Traded in midseason to Spurs, consented to it.

Vladimir Radmanovic

  • Signed qualifying offer in 2005 with Sonics.
  • Traded at midseason to the Clippers, consented to it.

Rasho Nesterovic

  • Signed qualifying offer with Timberwolves in 2002.
  • Was team's starting center.
  • Signed six-year contract with Spurs.
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