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The first weekend of the Wizards training camp is in the books and I like all of you here couldn't be happier than to have our team back on the court!

Since the NBA has been back to business the team has signed all three of their rookies, signed Roger Mason Jr., and acquired Ronny Turiaf via a trade that also netted them potentially two additional 2nd round draft picks.

The team seems quiet on the free agency front and there haven't been any blockbuster trade rumors involving the team.

As I see it, the team seems very happy to be back to practice, working hard, and trying to prepare themselves for a season that might end with a playoff berth (or so the players think). Nick Young remains the only player who isn't present and that's because he's a free agent. If the Wizards really desired his services they would have made an offer to him over the weekend in efforts to get him into camp and acclimated with the team as quickly as possible. They haven't, he is not, and life goes on.

From what I can make of how the Wizards have handled their first week under the new CBA is that they are quite content to sit back, work with the 17 players they currently have in camp, and come December 26th, they'll take their young team, deep with talent, and see what they've got. The acquisitions they've made of obtaining Roger Mason and Turiaf are nice, but neither are great or even good NBA players. Both guys are here for limited minutes (as in 10 mpg or less), but big roles as mentors for a young team. Rashard Lewis remains the team's best true NBA veteran and biggest vet contributor, but as I see it, the writing is clearly on the wall that the franchise has made a 100% commitment to giving all of their young guys a chance to compete in this 66 game shortened season, winning would be nice, but so would be winning the lottery...a philosophy I couldn't agree with more.

  • Chris Singleton has the best potential to be the newest Wizard to have the biggest impact. I see him fitting in perfectly at SF between Wall and McGee. He's an absolute thief on defense and will create fast breaks nightly.
  • Andray Blatche looks to be "larger" than he was last season and I'm not sure if it's intentional. He also seems to becoming a vocal leader on the team. If Andray is starting to put it all together this could be exciting! I'm not buying it yet.
  • JaVale McGee said that he does not intend to dribble or shoot from outside of 10 feet from the basket! Really?!? Thank you to whomever finally got in his head and told him this! Thank YOU!
  • Jan Vesely is going to struggle early on. It's a big transition from Europe to the NBA and this off season didn't set him up to succeed. No rookie camp, no summer league, no normal training camp, no normal pre season schedule, no way Vesely makes much of an impact this year.
  • Jordan Crawford is making it easy for the Wizards to forget about Nick Young. Give Crawford an inch and he'll take a mile. Give him the starter's spot at SG in training camp and he'll fight for it every minute.
  • Shelvin Mack looks good in the young guard trio with Wall and Crawford. He's another versatile guard, but one that understood why he was drafted by the Wizards and what his role on this team is. He could carve out a nice niche off the bench for the team.
  • Kevin Seraphin looks like he's in great shape1 He was the only Wizard playing overseas (Booker got injured) and he played for France over the summer, so if anybody is in regular season shape, it should be him. I might be in the minority, but I expect a big jump in development in his second season, the addition of Turiaf will only help him.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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