Hey Otis, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!

Hear me out on this one…..

Jan Vesely + Jordan Crawford + Chris Singleton + Trevor Booker + Kevin Seraphin + Javale McGee + Rashard Lewis + 2 unprotected firstround picks


Dwight Howard, Hedu Turgolu, Brandon Bass and J.J. Reddick

Why Orlando would do it

The Magic receive 5 (!!) first round picks from 2010 and 2011, one more for 2012 (great class) and one for 2013 plus a young athletic center with ton’s of upside. All that while also getting some major salary cap relief in addition to cutting Gilbert.

This should kickstart their rebuild with a chance to land their new franchise player in the 2012 draft (either our pick, their own pick or using both to trade up in the best draft class since 2003) and add another solid piece in 2013 as they are not likely to make the playoffs in either year. Meanwhile they can flip Jameer Nelson and Chris Duhon for an asset or another pick and they might just keep Earl Clark, Daniel Orton and Anderson since they could be of use during their rebuild.

Why Washington would do it

The Bullets instantly become a perenial championship contender with a superstar combo in Wall-Howard with complementary pieces to surround them with.

Offensively Blatche’s skill-set complements Dwight’s game perfectly. Turgolu and Nick (assuming we resign him) spread the floor and with Howard down low and Walls penetrating this is potentially a very well balanced team. It can both run the floor and play the halfcourt. Turgolu also adds some play making to take some of that load off of Wall and Nick can concentrate on doing what he does best: catch-and-shoot.

Defensively this team has the ability to rival the Bulls for the best defensive team in the East. Howard is a great 1-on1 low post defender and he protects the basket if someone gets past our perimeter defenders. Having Howard behind him Wall can feel confident pressuring his man on ball and play the passing lanes a bit more for steals like Rondo does when his man doesn’t have the ball. Turgolu is a very capable, versitile but not elite defender too. Nick is a good on-ball defender but if he fails on the rotations Dwight is there to safe our asses. Blatche isn’t bad if he tries and, again, he won’t be such a liability with Dwight in the paint.

The rest of the rotation
Brandon Bass is a really solid back up for Blatche and a decent defender. Reddick is a terrible defender but he has his range to provide some scoring of the bench. Re-signing Evans as a gritty veteran 3 and D guy would seem like a good idea. Josh Howard should be re-signed too for depth as he is a veteran leader who’d accept a minor role but is still a good enough player on both sides of the floor that can play both SF and SG if needed.

We can then trade Shelvin Mack and Hamady N'Diaye to the Bucks for Shaun Livingston because they have too much pg’s and we know he's a legit backup. Let’s also sign Acie Law for guard depth in case of injury. Joel Pryzbilla would be a good backup for Dwight and since this is my fantasy scenario let’s throw in Francisco Elson for depth. I think we should also pick up Mehmet Okur since he would fit this scenario nicely as a stretch big who could play with Dwight ánd Blatche ánd Bass imo.

Our new lineup:

PG Wall
SG Young
SF Turgolu
PF Blatche
C Howard

Bass, Reddick, Evans, Pryzbilla, Livingston


Elson, Okur, Law, Howard

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