How hard is this? Split 50/50 and let's play BALL!

Mid-Level Exemptions. Larry Bird's Rule (or whatever you call it). BRI or BMX or CT Scan or Whatever acromin you want to use.

How freakin hard does this have to be? Make a dang deal and move on.

How simple could this be? I will tell you exactly how simple this coule be.

Whatever formula they used for the 57/43 split, use it again for a 50/50 split. Right down the fairway.

Guarantee that 50% will go to the players and 50% will go to the owners.

Super Hard Cap. Not one extra dime will go to the players and not one penny will go to Donald Sterlings pocket.

No maximum salary. No minimum salary.

If your cap is $60 million and you want to pay John Wall $20 million a year that would leave you with $40million for the rest of the team. Give him a dang 10 year contract and your set. (noboby is passing up $200million- just ask KG). You have to spend the rest of the money. Every single penny. If you only spend $53million then the remaining $7million gets split between all the players that played on your team that year. If he gets hurt. "Oops" what a shame. He still gets paid and he still counts on your cap.

If you spent $59.5million on 10 players then you have half a million for up to 5 players ($100,000). At last check it is better to make $100,000 sitting on a NBA bench, and staying at 5 Star hotels, than bagging groceries at $8 an hour (and having a horrible boss).

Estimate $1.8 billion dollars will go to all the NBA players and the other $1.8 billion dollars will go to the owners for all their expenses and profit (if there's any "so they say"). You come up with the formula before the league year and there's no more griping. That cap is set in stone.

The Superstars will get theres. The second tier players will get theres (hopefully shorter contracts). The rest have to fight for it (in other words work really hard to get better).

If a team wants to overpay a player then so what. That team will suffer for the life of the contract. If a player is better than his contract then you have a smart GM and now you have money for others (or you can sign him for a longer and better deal).

If a player can get more money overseas then "Bon Voyage (and I hope they pay you-Europe or they don't beat you up on the court-China)."

If an owner doesn't like the new CBA then sell your team (and have a nice life!).

Let the market determine what the pay is. No Franchise tag. No right of first refusal.  No exemptions. Nothing. Pure Free Agency with a Pure Hard Cap.

Give David Stern and Billy Hunter my number if they still need some help. (Man, this is simplier than I thought)

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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