The Great Debate: Nick Young

I've never posted before but Rook's player analysis and the comments that followed made this feel like a necessity. That post about whether or not Young is good enough to be a starting SG on a playoff team was met with an alarming amount of trade ruminations (at least in my opinion). The word trade keeps coming up and i don’t understand it at all. Nick has been playing good basketball and is basically the Wizards’ main source of offense. Young fits in the system and plays well off of Wall and is a pretty consistent shooter (which is something the Wizards severely lack at this point). He is still young and was drafted here.

Not sure how to use the jump but, more thoughts after it...


Just so its clear, I am vehement about not wanting Nick Young traded.


The question you have to ask is if you remove Young, who can you insert that will help the team and what type of 2 would that be? If it isn't someone who is able to score the ball (I've heard Thabo Sefalosha's name a few times), then what happens when Wall is surrounded by 4 other players who aren't shooters?

Some say that he is the #1 option on offense and the team isn't successful and A+B=C. I don't think this is true at all. You don't have to have every player in the rotation be a superstar, players just have to play well in their respective roles. Wall and Young make a good back court and Young's game isn't ball dominant, he plays well off of others and uses others to get his game going (at least the productive Young does). The team can very easily add another top scoring threat in the draft and see Young fall to the 2nd or 3rd option without conflict.


There are others factor's which leave me in the stance I'm in:


-Young has seemingly evolved his game due to an increase in confidence. It isn't as if Young just burst onto the scene. This is the type of player people were projecting him to be and what his teammates said they saw in practice on the regular. The main thing that separates the good and great players in the league is confidence, because they all have talent. Young seemingly has found his confidence.


-Wizards draft pick. This is the place he was drafted and the Wizards spent all this time developing the guy. Another team should not benefit from the work the Wizards organization put in. Young has also played here his entire career without grumblings so we know he has no problems playing here. Why trade for someone who you're unsure about. I feel you should roster players who want to play for your franchise.


-Lastly, and it may come as a shocker to some, maturity. Nick is far from the grizzled veteran leader, but he has had exactly 0 character issues I can think of since I've been a Wizard fan. People wanted OJ Mayo because of his upside but he's had his issues in Memphis. I understand these guys are grown men and the main thing is what they do on the court, but a strict culture is lots of times a winning culture. I can't remember a team winning a championship with tons of players with character issues. Young gets in and does his job. I don't hear of him in any other world aside from the sport's world (except when he's playing real-life Grand Theft Auto with NBC news trucks)


Young is far from a perfect player though, and an off-season full of ball-handling drills (has a poor left hand) will do him well but, I think he has the potential to lock down a SG spot that has been a revolving door in Washington for years.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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