If I coached the Wizards, this is how I would run my rotation....

Let me preface by saying that it would NEVER happen, so don't waste your comments telling me this. I know it.

Entering this season, I had only one goal for the season: Lose as many games as possible, without allowing JWall to develop bad habits. After the first 10 games, I tweaked it a little: Lose as many games as possible, without allowing JWall or McGee to develop bad habits. I know some people consider it blasphemy to root for the Wizards to lose, but I call it purely rational thinking. I know the NBA has a lottery, and I know that there are plenty of draft busts high in the lottery, and that there are plenty of great players drafted 6-13. I also know that the teams with the worst record rarely wins the lottery. Nevertheless, no one ever chooses to LOSE the lottery. So why not increase our odds? My ideal box score: Jwall puts up 25 pts, 5 rebs, 14 assists, and 4 steals, while McGee puts up 18 pts, 15 rebs, and 4 blocks, while the Wizards lose 100-99. 

I know its hard to root for the Wizards to lose, but as the old saying goes, when Yi Jianlian and Cartier Martin are in your 8-man rotation, YI JIANLIAN AND CARTIER MARTIN ARE IN YOUR 8-MAN ROTATION!!! The absolute best we could do this year is the 8 seed, and get humiliated by lEbron and friends. How did that work out for the Bobcats last year? Now is not the time to be making a playoff push. We need to lose, lose, and lose some more. The Cavaliers have locked up the worst record and the guaranteed Top-4 pick, what we need to do is make sure that our record is worse than Detroit, Toronto, New Jersey, Sacramento and Minnesota. 

Unfortunately, you can never instruct your players to lose. We want to give JWall as many meaningful minutes as possible to develop experience, while still losing games. This is my suggestion: Only play JWall the first quarter and the 4th quarter. Don't play him the middle two quarters. I would use a youth-leage style rotation, where players play by quarters, not by matchups, or fouls, or anything:

1st Quarter: JWall, NY, Lewis, Seraphin, McGee

2nd Quarter: Hinrich, Cartier Martin, Al Thornton, Blatche, and TRevor Booker

3rd Quater: Hinrich, Shakur, THornton, Blatche and Booker

4th Quarter: JWall, NY, Lewis, Seraphin and McGee. 

The goal here is to get John Wall as many quality minutes as possible. Notice, JWall will never be on the court at the same type as Martin, Thornton,  or Blatche. The three of them are inefficient, one-dimensional players, who lack the ability to adjust their games to JWall's talents. 

The hope is that the tiny 3rd quarter lineup will ensure at least a 10-point deficit starting the 4th quarter. This way, JWall can play every fourth quarter laying it all on the line. He won't be tired, since he hasn't played since the 1st quarter. He can go all-out on defense, pressure the guards, and still orchestrate the fast break against a more-tired opponent. Best of all, if JWall leads us to a comeback, and we win, then its great, because JWall has shown us flashes of brilliance. But if he doesn't and we lose, then thats great too! It allows for a win-win scenario. 

If we wind up with the 2nd worst record record, and still pick 5, then so be it, we did the best we could. If we get lucky, and somehow win the lottery, and make a Kwame/Darko/Thbeet level bust selection, then thats on us. 

All I know, its better to finish 18-64 than 28-54. We need to lose a lot. We need JohnWall to get meaningful minutes. Why not play him for the 24 most important minutes of the game, and nothing more?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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