Franchise Tag- A Star Players Nightmare is coming

The new owners, and there are alot of new owners, absolutely hate the current NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement including one Ted Leonsis. The one aspect that the last  year has shown is that the owners do not like it when star players leave an organization, even if it is a competitors team (they are thinking- I'm next to be screwed).

99% of the NBA players are not named Lebron, Kobe, Superman, Melo and Dirk. Lebron will be the posterboy for the Franchise Tag movement among the owners. I think it is going to be a locomotive train that will not be stopped.

The NFL can put a franchise tag on one player at any one time. This guarantees the player a top 5 salary at his position but prevents the player from becoming a free agent. This is usually reserved for a very important player. The players hate it but the owners cannot live without it. The St. Louis Rams used it year after year on their starting Left Tackle Orlando Pace, who just happened to be one of the best in the business. They tried to hammer out a contract but could not. So the Rams just franchised tagged him. Pace was instrumental in blocking Kurt Warner's blindside  through the glory years of "The Greatest Show on Turf." For those that remember Warner in St. Louis, if you even tapped him on the shoulder he would fumble the ball. Pace made sure that you were not touching him.

Superstar Free Agents coming up: CP3, Superman and this year Carmelo Anthony. Do you think New Orleans and Orlando is going to want their teams to look like Cleveland this year. Doubt it. I am sure those teams are scared stiff and so is their cash flow future. In 4 years Blake Griffin can change teams. In 5 years John Wall will have the same opportunity. I wonder what cheapskate Donald Sterling and Ted Leonsis think about their franchise players walking away- to another franchise that they have to compete against.

One of the reasons Denver might not be in a hurry to trade Carmelo is that Carmelo will not be able to sign a contract until AFTER a new collective bargaining agreement is hammered out. No one knows what it will contain.

Let's say the NBA owners play hardball. They give and take. They tell the NBA players association that they will raise everyone's salary who is making less than $10million a year plus other concessions. BUT in order to do this the Players Association has to agree to a Franchise Tag- One per Team per Year- at $20million for this franchise player and it will not count towards the new cap. This Franchise Tag will only affect 30 players every year. The cream of the crop. One per Team.

I think 99% of the NBA Players will be more than happy to better their own financial selves than worry about Lebron, Dwade, Dirk, Blake or Wall.

Carmelo- Welcome back to Denver!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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