Only Chance We Land Melo

The only way we even have a shot at Melo is if Denver waits until the trade deadline to deal him. In order for us to have a chance, Gil has to be playing at an all star level and generating national buzz—- in a positive way this time. Getting an all star back in the trade would ease the blow a little for Denver fans, which ownership is definitely thinking about. Also, McGee needs to be playing well too because he will definitely have to be included in the deal. If he is averaging 10 and 10 and producing highlight reel dunks Denver will certainly be demanding him. An exciting 22 yr old 7’1" center with an expiring contract that includes a team option plus an all star with Gil could give us at least a chance. I just dont know if denver would be willing to take Gils contract even if he is an all star. They probably would want us to take on one of their scrubs like renaldo balkman who makes 1.7 mil for the next three years. They would also want a first rounder to sweeten the deal. 

Analyzing that trade:

Wiz Get: Carmelo Anthony $17.2 (ETO 2011-2012 at 18.5 mil) 
                Renaldo Balkman $1.7 (3 years @ 1.7 mil)

Nuggets get: Gilbert Arenas $17.6 (we know all about his contract)
                         Javale McGee $1.6 (team option 2011-2012 $2.4 mil)
                         1st rd pick (probably top 18)

Once again this assumes Denver waits till the trade deadline, Gil is an all star, and Javale is playing well. Its not impossible, but I would say its a long shot.

Then you would have to hope Carmello even wants to stay once the year is up. That is another risk. I imagine we could probably get him resigned, we have a potential superstar in Wall at point, a young borderline all star in the post in Blatche (hopefully), and complementary pieces in Hinrich, Young, Booker, Seraphin, and Thornton. Not to mention we would still have a ton of money left over to sign good free agents in positions of need (Marc Gasol at center, or NeNe to reunite with Melo). i know his wife LaLa wants to be back in TV, well BET’s headquarters are here in DC if I am correct (tell me if im wrong) and I know she has done work at BET before.

But to be honest I’m not 100 percent sure I would even make that trade if I am Grunfeld. Yeah Melo is a top 5 player but if McGee is blossoming and turning into a top 10 center with his athleticism at the age of 22, wall lives up to the hype and Blatche builds on last year at the age of 23 plus Gilberts re-emergence as an all star would the front office want to mess with a good thing going on (sorry for the run on sentence)? I am not completely sure if I would. You know our fan base will be going nuts for the squad even if we’re performing our way into a 6-8 playoff seed.

Obviously there are A LOT of things that need to happen for a deal like this to go down. It’s not impossible but its a huge long shot. I said I would not be sure if I would make that deal but if I had to (once again IF mcgee and arenas are playing great) then I would say YES, but it’s not as big of a slam dunk as I thought.

Do I think this deal will happen? helllll no

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