The Summer of LeBron

This off season has been one long disgusting pill to swallow for me. Even before the Lakers had disposed of the Boston Celtics, the media had gone ape wild about discussing where LeBron James would end up, or whether Wade, Bosh and James would form a "Super" team. Instead of discussing real issues like the impending Collective Bargaining talks or reporting on a fabulous, hard fought playoff season - where there were a number of great stories - we got to hear the latest on LeBron James fashion attire while holding court in Cleveland to Millionaires and Billionaires. "James arrived wearing gray sweatpants and a Nike T-shirt."

- Really........ do I have to care?

Oh all right - I guess it's been a slow sports Summer. Baseball doesn't really get good until late September; Americans don't embrace the World Cup; I guess I just have to get used to media folks blowing this stuff out of proportion... it happens all the time - but do I really have to take it while these Free Agent players preen and strut around like Peacocks? Do I have to follow them, tweeting daily, about which city might be their preferred destination.. where they're visiting next; all the while keeping millions of fans in a half a dozen cities hostage?

Remember when basketball players played basketball, and the only thing they really cared about was winning and other trivial stuff like that? You know, before there was a LeBron "brand". 

First we hear that His Highness will do a grand tour of all the cities with enough money to sign him - and along the way, they will be filming a documentary. Then there's this huge negative backlash, and all of a sudden - "There was never any tour planned".... ... Hmmmm, right.

Then, out of the blue, His Highness has a new twitter account and a new web site. (Don't ask me what they are, I don't care, and I won't be following him)... Seems kinda strange to be in the League 7 years - but during the very summer he becomes a Free Agent, NOW he wants to be more "connected" with his fans...... Hmmmm, right.

LeBron held court in Cleveland for three days, while Management teams from six different NBA basketball clubs arrived to kiss his feet, show him cartoons, and say "Yes, your Highness".... and "No, your Highness".. Meanwhile, the whole time teasing the fans from three cities into thinking they could actually land the best basketball player on the planet - and thereby possibly, a championship for their beloved team. (By the way Nets and Clippers fans: to quote Taylor from She's All That, "You didn't think you became popular for real, did you? Oh, you did? That's so sweet.")

Now, we have to wait for an hour long special on ESPN to find out that LeBron is staying in Cleveland. Oh - whoops - did I spoil the surprise? You didn't actually think he was leaving did you; and give up $30 Million dollars? Not a chance. But if he did the classy thing, and just resigned with his existing club (like Kobe did, and like Kevin Durant just did)- he couldn't string us all along.... and he wouldn't get any attention.


ESPN was awarded the privilege to televise this historic event because apparently Time Warner and HBO didn't have enough money to buy the rights, and there wasn't enough time to promote a Pay-per-View event.

So, how is this gonna work? Does he announce first? Yeah right, then what - what do you do with the other 59 minutes, 30 seconds; show LeBron highlights?  Have fans from Cleveland ready and standing by, lined up to kiss his ring? (oh... whoops, never mind, he has no ring)... NO....... he's gotta drag it out..... like that Geraldo Rivera special "Al Capone's Valut". 

Believe me, LeBron's show will have a similar ending - but this time, I won't be watching.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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