The Shame of the Super Team

In late June I posted a fan post outlining my Free Agent quandary!...The possibility of D Wade, Bosh and LeTravel all being on the same team.  I wrote of some ramifications, speculations and general whining.....

Now my nightmare has become reality!!  How can this be allowed?  Is this a violation of the "spirit of the game"?  Are we in an era where teams are manufactured by players, in a way that can not be done by management...all of the elites go to one team!  This would be  to the detriment of the fans of the weaker (most) teams in my opinion!   Jump

Why does this bother me so much?  First off, before some of you get bent out of shape, I really do have another life besides NBA basketball...This is just for fun to me and I love smacktalking LeBron!  Secondly I really do enjoy the Wizards, though they cause me much pain.....and mostly, because there is the hope that one day we can say that ..............."WE are the champions, my friend..."    Freddy Mercury 

The first thing I will hate to see is the Bullets getting creamed 4 times a year and that most of the league will be put on the back burner...unless, you got it, you play the Heat!

The next thing is my friend is a huge Heat fan and I won't hear the end of it...the same with all the "lifetime" Heat fans!  They will be coming out of the woodwork saying they remember having a Rony Seikaly  jersey as a kid....Give me a break!!!!!  I hate people that jump on the bandwagon because a team is the best at the time...talking to you Steelers, Yankees, Bulls, Lakers, Patriot etc... fans!

One of the biggest problems I have is LeBron, LeBron, LeBron... I would really hate seethat this actually works out for him...That he accumulates:  "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven" rings...what an idiot !

D Wade, D Wade D Wade...even though he's not as obnoxious as the Crab Dribbler, he has killed us in the past and gloated about it...So I don't like him either!   Bosh, who put him in the leagues top ten best players anyway....

Also why would the league want a huge consolidation of player power in one middlin' market....I don't think they do!  This is conjecture on my part but I bet David Stern didn't anticipate this happening, the Cap is structured in a way that is not conducive to loading up on 2 max players, much less 3...Miami dumped all salary except Chambers!  Who does that!  No one except a team expecting to sign 3 max players, PLANNING to sign in the same place!  GUILTY as charged!

It's like a pick up game where a guy with no conscience picks the teams....loads up one team with the tall, athletic, former college hacks against guys like me...short, sorta athletic and plays pick up at the local high school...

what does it all mean?  I'm not sure but we will all see very soon...In the long run will it be as important as if we have 5-6 dollar a gallon gas(probably not), as terrible as losing one job (not hardly), as apocalyptic as the world economy collapsing(absolutely not)!  But in the NBA landscape it is HUGE!  I just hope I can stand to watch it...If the Heat go 81-1, I doubt I will continue to watch the NBA!  And I won't be thinking "...this is really good for the league!"

I feel as though a huge conspiracy has occurred right before our eyes! (cue X-Files music)  No other team unloaded every player they had for the CHANCE of getting LeBron...Don't think you'd do that with out some assurances you would get the players you want!  Shame on you Pat Riley!  Chris Bosh and Wade both paraded around as if they really had a difficult DECISION on whether they would go together to Miami (or Chicago, etc...) or not!  Shame on their televised dinner, with an empty chair in between them!  Do I really want to start with the LeTravel? His is the greatest shame of them all, I think this all started 3+ years ago and was almost perfectly orchestrated!  I don't think he expected this backlash and I believe the worst is to come...but like most things once the "Circus" starts winning, people will forget past transgressions! 

 ***Update***Now Chris Paul wants to be traded from the Hornets to form his own supergroup!!!  Oh, LeBron how I hate thee....

To give the other side of the story I tried to come up with some counterpoints.  1. Management has the majority of say in where players play so it's about time they can make there own choice!  2. Having a superteam is good for the league because more casual fans will watch the circus atmosphere...the only legit argument I have is the Celtics,Lakers and Bulls(90s) always seem to load up on stars!  I see that as shrewd management decisions but that is something I don't really care for either (Garnett and Allen)(Pau)...that's all I care to come up with!

So what should be done?  I think Mark Cuban has the right idea, (a one hour special to give the results of the) INVESTIGATION!  I definitely smell some collusion in the air...all three signed shorter term deals that expired at the same time!  Then performed this charade of the Free Agency Shopping Network, they did a great job, I know I was duped.... It wasn't till afterwards that I realized the implications of their sinister greed!  The Bullets were (rewarded?) with Juwan Howard after he signed with the Heat (shocker, Pat Riley again)!  Stern needs to kick those bums out of Miami and start this FA process over...but I afraid the genie is out of the bottle and we (fans) will pay for this dearly!  I can't even handle the thought of watching the Heat win "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven" rings...

I hope my ultimate fears are not realized...That My Bullets get pounded year after year until our own J.Wall decides he want to leave and form his own SUPERGROUP!!!!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little rant...and I really do wish bad things to happen the "Miami Thrice"!!!!!  I hope the rest of the league won't roll over like they did for Jordan, but we may not have a choice!  sigh....

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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