Our "Small Forward" Situation

We it comes to the small forward position I'm a little confused as to what we are going to do.  Josh Howard has a contender trying to get him such as the Celtics, but yet he still claims to have "loyalty" to us because we took him out of his situation in Dallas.

But WAIT.....didn't Mike Miller claim to have his loyalty to us to because we gave us so much to get him???

And now Miller is gone....which makes me a little afraid that Josh Howard will do the same.

I know that we, as Wizards fans would LOVE to try and pursue Carmelo next year but I just don't want us to go through the heartbreak that New York, Chicago, and New Jersey are going through because they couldn't get Lebron.  Yes, I know that he is interested in coming here but Amare, CP3, and Carmelo are already talking about forming another "BIG 3" in New York.

Today I was playing around with's trade machine to see some possible scenarios. These are the ones I came up with....

1.  Wizards trade Andray Blatche and Nick Young for Sixers Andre Iguodala

2.  Wizards trade Gilbert Arenas for Pacers Danny Granger and Troy Murphy

3.  Wizards trade Nick Young and Al Thornton for Rockets Trevor Ariza

4.  Wizards trade either Nick Young or Al Thornton for Blazers Nick Batum

.....Do I think any of the trades will happen??? 

Probably not...but the first two could happen with the fact that the Sixers were talking to team last year before the trade deadline about trading Iguodala and they still continue to struggle with Elton Brand, their Power Forward, not living up to his contract.  The Pacers scenario maybe a little bit of a head-scratcher but many people questioned why the Pacers drafted Paul George, a Small Forward.  If Paul George outshines Danny Granger this year and it gets to the extent where he starts over him (TRUST ME THIS KID HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DO IT!!!!)then I feel that Danny will be ready to find another home. Plus, Troy Murphy is a player on the Pacers that has pretty much past his prime and one year of an extra big man won't hurt.

Yes, I do understand that we are trying to go young and we could pursue a small forward in the draft.  (Which I am TOTALLY standing for.)  But who wouldn't mind having Carmelo Anthony???

I'm finished with one question: Who's team will it be if Carmelo and John Wall were on the same team??? You can say both of theirs but the Lakers ARE Kobe's team and the Celtics ARE Paul Pierce's team.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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