Perspective Restricted Free Agents

We've all heard this year's unrestricted class. With our recent trade for Hinrich, I believe you can reasonably take us our of contention for just about every notable player in this category.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but adding Hinrich leaves us with about 9.5 - 10 million in cap room for 2010. The way our current roster stands, we should be looking to add at least 3 more players. Those spots could be addressed by UFA's and summer league try outs, but one avenue where we could add a very valuable player is Restricted Free Agency.

Lets look at some (semi) available options for wing players

Josh Childress: 6'8"  SG/SF 27 years old

Has already been linked to the Wizards through rumors in the Greek press. I have read though that the Gree press is notorious with their inaccurate reporting so I'll temper any reactions until we hear from the team that they are interested. His restricted tender number stands at around 4.6 million. Now you gotta ask yourself is Josh Childress, who is two years older and also a few seasons removed from the NBA, worth almost 5 million a season? Especially when teams are scrambling to clear cap room for prospective players as well as their own. Also Childress has voiced that he wishes to return to another team, even though that may not mean much to the Hawks. He's much more polished than Al Thorton, but doesn't really add a new dimension. He does though provide us with a solid locker room presence, an extremely long and athletic perimeter player who will surely thrive alongside John Wall in the Open court. At the right price (which would be well below 4.6 million a year) he would be a great pick up.

Rudy Gay 6"8" SF 23 years old

This guy is an All Star in the East. He has missed only 3 games in the last 3 SEASONS. Breaking the bank for him wouldn't make sense in terms our rebuilding plan or the fiscal plan the team has laid out so far this off season. But man is it tempting. With our trade exceptions, along with a young piece or two (Nick Young, Al Thorton) we could offer a deal near the dollar amount that Memphis would be hesitant to match. This is a long shot but man, would it be fun to watch Rudy and Wall on the break. Gay has never played with a big time play maker like Wall, and I think his career would really take off if they were paired together. Gay gives us a slasher who can create his own shot and finish on anyone in the paint. He is a solid 3pt shooter who would be a great outlet option for Wall when he penetrates. Though his defense often comes under fire, his athleticism alone will bring more blocked shots, as well as match up issues with opposing SF's. JW and Rudy would man their respective positions for the next ten years, and give us another important cog towards building our contender. JW, Arenas, Rudy, Blatche, McGee would be an offensive power house but would be mediocre enough to net us our stud SG in next years draft. 

Anthony Morrow 6'5" SG 24 years old

Morrow is an assassin from the 3. He is a 3 pt champ during all star weekend and has range that would rival Gilbert Arenas's. He's a blue collar guy who worked his way up from being un-drafted. He averaged 30 minutes a game last year with almost 40 starts, but that number figures to fall next season with the emergence of Seth Curry and the health of Monta Ellis. The warriors have already invested a huge contract in Ellis who isn't going anywhere by seasons start so why shouldn't we take the opportunity to steal another one away from Golden State? Morrow has been tendered at under a million dollars and I'd imagine it wouldn't take a whole lot to get him over here (maybe some thing in 9 million over 3 years area). He'd give us a lights out shooter, as well as a solid perimeter defender who can guard 2's and 3's. He's also a great free throw shooter converting them almost at about 88%. He lacks the explosiveness of the other options listed above, but has shown a soft touch around the rim and has a big strong body similar to that of  Lance Stephenson, so he could simply out muscle some guards to the rim, as well as in the paint. He would be my favorite of the three to bring in because it would be a low cost, high reward type of situation.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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