Draft Pick Polling Results

Because I think it's interesting, I thought it'd be a good idea post the results of the draft pick polls before the Wizards draft position is set.  According to BF, this is the prospect depth chart for the Wizards (democratically chosen):

1. John Wall: 79 of 103 votes; 79% (Next most votes: Turner 22, Cousins 2)

2. Evan Turner: 85 of 100 votes: 85% (Next most votes: Cousins 12, Favors 2) 

3. DeMarcus Cousins: 44 of 87 votes: 51% (Next most votes: Favors 32, Johnson 9)

4. Derrick Favors: 52 of 87 votes: 60% (Next most votes: Johnson 25, Aminu 4)

5. Wesley Johnson: 45 of 83 votes: 54% (Next most votes: Aminu 16, Aldrich 6)

6. Al-Farouq Aminu: 17 of 59 votes: 29% (Next most votes: Aldrich 11, Montiejunas 7)

7. Greg Monroe: 12 of 43 votes: 28% (Next most votes: Aldrich 11, Montiejunas 7)

8. No vote, but Cole Aldrich is nearly tied with Monroe for 7th and got several votes at higher picks, so I'll put him here. 

Clearly our opinions diverge at pick #3. In some bad news for the GM, if the Wizards get a pick below #5, the majority of BF readers (and probably Wizards fans) won't be happy with any pick unless one of the guys we'd pick higher falls.  I actually agree with this order, with the exception of Monroe -- I don't think he's worthy of a top 8 pick, but I've been wrong before.  Picking third would be tough -- Favors didn't stand out at all when I saw him play in college, but scouts love him and Cousins has all those red flags to go with his ridiculous production.  I like Johnson's game, but you have to wonder how much the extra years help him in comparison to everyone else (an advantage that disappears over time). 

On a random side note, I know a lot of you really like Maryland's Vasquez for the Wizard's later picks.  I looked into him a little and discovered that in last year's combine he displayed the worst athleticism I've ever seen from a guard.  Among all players measured, he was the second-slowest (slower than Blair), weakest (he could only bench press 185 lbs once), and had the worst vertical (standing and max). To top it off, despite his height being respectable his wingspan was 2.5" (that's a lot!) shorter than Rodrigue Beaubois' (who's 6'2" in shoes), and his standing reach is 2.5" lower than James Harden's (6'5" in shoes).  He's made the most of his potential in college, but he's going to make 2009/10 Mike Miller look like Michael Jordan when (if) he plays in the NBA.  He might be able to hold his own on offense, but he's going to be a huge liability on defense.  This is not a guy I'm eager to see in a Wizards jersey.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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