Trading With the Pacers to Get Assets

I just wrote a post on a possible three way trade, though I don't know if a sign and trade can work three way, and couldn't find out by googling it (I admit, I didn't really try to find out, I spent like 3 minutes on it). But I keep coming up with trade ideas because I went to ESPN site and saw something like a "Report: Wizards looking to trade Arenas"
I don't have ESPN Insider so I couldn't read the full article, or whatever, but I get the idea.

If we do trade Arenas, there aren't that many places that we could trade with. It's not only hard financially to sell Arenas, but his infamous injuries/suspension causes problems too. That being said, one team that the Wizards can look to is the Pacers. If you look at this, you'll realize that while the Pacers are due for a lot of money this year, they aren't next year, meaning they have a lot of expiring contracts. Seriously, A LOT. They have about 50 million in expiring contracts just by looking at the link.

So while looking at that, I realized we could make a good trade with them. The idea goes like this:

Pacers Receive:
Gilbert Arenas

Wizards Receive:
Mike Dunleavy
Jeff Foster
TJ Ford/Jamaal Tinsley
10th Pick

I realize this hurts our cap space for this summer a lot, and would zero out our chances of signing any big free agents this summer. However, I don't think it really matters because we shouldn't be signing big free agents anyway. The most important thing we get is obviously the 10th pick, and since we're rebuilding, the 10th pick means a lot to us. I said Ford or Tinsley because both players are point guards, there's no point of getting both, but at the same time I'm sure the Pacers are looking to get rid of either one. Ford will probably pick up his player option, which means the Pacer's owe him 8.5 mil for a point guard that was less used as the season went on. Tinsley obviously is just there sucking up 5 mil. If we do get Tinsley, we can just buy out his contract, to you know, make sure him and Wall never talk to each other. 8.5 mil is a lot to give to Ford but he can play back up point guard until come next trade deadline in which we can look to trade away the three expiring we would receive in Foster, Dunleavy, and whichever pg we get.

Which brings me to Dunleavy. I realize he is complete worthless compared to the money he's getting paid. He might not even be that big of an asset since the 10 mil to player value is so bad. Even if we can't trade Dunleavy this coming February, we still need to get him if it means getting that 10th pick. Afterall, I don't think Dunleavy is so bad of a role player averaging 10~15 minutes a game. By the way, I do like Foster. Personally I haven't watched his game but he seems like one of those hustle players. He is also a very good rebounder, and a veteran so I think he can help the progress of Blatche and Mcgee.

So why would the Pacers do this instead of sitting on the contracts one year and trying to rebuild themselves? Well the case for the Pacers right now is that they need cash NOW. Everyone kind of knows that they've been in a pretty bad financial crisis. Apparently, the situation is so serious they're asking the city to help pay off for the operation fees of Conseco Fieldhouse Arena (if you want to know more read this). Also, they don't have a point guard, thus Arenas does fit in with the needs of the Pacers. It's also not like the Pacers would be able to attract free agents come summer of 2011. They might as well save some money by getting rid of over-paid players, and receiving Arenas. And think about it, if they get Arenas, a line up of Arenas/Granger/Murphy/Hibbert could make them relevant once again, and that lineup is much more marketable than the one they had before, thus helping them on the financial issue they have, again.

If the Pacers decline that trade, I think we could try to work this by throwing in additional pieces (like maybe 2nd round pick, 30th pick or something). This trade could really help both sides, and if this does happen I would be pretty excited for the coming draft.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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