A REALLY Good Three Way Trade?

So I was reading this article,, because of a fanpost by Spanky731, which was great.

And then I commented on how the possible trade with Toronto would be such a bad idea, and I came up with a trade idea that might work. Honestly I haven't calculated the specifics of the cap space and stuff so I do not know if it's possible, or if the other teams would even do it. Basically, it's a three way trade between Miami, Toronto, and Washington. But I don't know if sign and trade works three way, I really wish it does because if it did, then this trade seems legit.

Toronto Receives: 

Gilbert Arenas
Nick Young
Michael Beasley 

Wizards Receive:

18th Pick (Miami)
42nd Pick (Miami)
2011 1st Round Pick (Miami, Lottery Protected)

13th Pick/Derozan, OR, Reggie Evans and Marcus Banks

Miami Receives:

Chris Bosh

I think if this happeend (and again, I do not know if a sign and trade works for three way trade but I'm just throwing the idea out that we should look to do three way trades), then everyone becomes a winner. Toronto actually can get back something for a situation that could have well ended up with them getting nothing for losing their star player. And if they do lose Bosh, it would help to receive Arenas, who once was a superstar, for the possibility of a comeback from Arenas. On top they would be getting a good prospect in Beasley to fill up the whole for PF right away. Nick Young would also be a nice prospect to acquire for them, though he was just more of a throw in for me. Of course the Wizards benefit in many ways. We get a lot of draft picks, which I'm sure Ted likes, and is a good way to start rebuilding (I will explain the ridiculous reggie evans and marcus banks later). And Miami, they receive Bosh, another superstar that can, I think, co-exist very well with Wade, and also I think by getting rid of Beasley they have enough room to sign another star (or not, again, I'm not an expert on this, just a fan throwing out some ideas).

Now, why Reggie Evans and Marcus Banks?
Well ideally I would want either Derozan or the 13th pick from Toronto. But they are also rebuilding so they might not see a reason why to do this, but they might, hopefully they do but I wouldn't know. So if they aren't willing, then I think getting Banks, and Evans is good. And I mean GOOD. They both have expiring contracts for next season, about 5 million each. Thus it makes both player assets to our rebuilding team. It's something we can use come trade-deadline next February. Even if we don't trade them away, their contracts expire and we won't be committed to them more than next season, so it would have been like not having them in the first place. Even just speaking player wise, I don't think Evans and Banks would hurt. In fact I think Evans can help out Mcgee, since Evans is a veteran with high rebounding skills, and thus hopefully can teach Mcgee to be a better rebounder. It's also not like both players would take away a lot of minutes from our rebuilding core, so it's not going to hurt anyone, and Banks is a good shooter who I think can sometimes give good production off the bench. 

I really do hope that a sign and trade works three way, I'm saying this because I THINK I remember reading somewhere that it didn't work. If not then oh well, hopefully people can read this for pleasure. Feel free to criticize,comment, or even come up with better trade ideas (so I can read for pleasure, comment haha).                                                                                                             

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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