Bad Luck, Worse Picks


The Sports Bog had an absolutely dumbfounding review of the Bullets past draft lotteries, full of black cats and broken mirrors. But let's look at how they did in evaluating talent just to be sure we don't have to blame it all on bad luck. 


I hope this provides a useful resource for you guys, and I didn't mess up too many facts or misspell too many names!


I'll start in 1989, because I'm at home sick, it's raining outside, and I have nothing better to do:





Bullets pick: No. 9, Tom Hammonds


Players still on the board:


Tim Hardaway

Shawn Kemp

Vlade Divac


Fun Fact: Pervis "Never Nervous" was the No. 1 pick in 1989.




Bullets pick: None in first round.


Fun Fact: Traded the ninth pick for Jay Vincent. Picked up A.J. English and Greg Foster in the 2nd Round. Not terrible!


Players on the board:


Dee Brown

Loy Vaught

Elden Campbell




Bullets pick: None in 1st or 2nd round.


Fun Fact: Traded our 1st rounder for Michael Adams. Rick Fox and Bobby Phills were still on the board when they drafted LeBradford Smith. Just sayin.




Bullets pick: No. 6, Tom Gugliotta (no need to rehash the Googs saga here)


Players on the board:


(of course our draft luck knocked us out of getting Shaq or Zo)

Walt Williams

Robert Horry

Jon Barry

Latrell Sprewell


Fun Fact: Brent Price was picked up in the second round, a favorite of mine, and Tracey Murray, another Unselds fave, was drafted 18th by the Spurs.




Bullets pick: No. 6, Calbert Cheaney (Jarvis Hayes, see below, was the second coming of Calbert, who I loved watching play D on Michael Jordan)


Players on the board:


Allan Houston

Sam Cassell

Lindsay Hunter

James Robinson


Fun Fact: As always, plenty of busts like Bobby Hurley, Vin Baker and Shawn Bradley. Picked one slot before Calbert? J.R. Rider. I'd take J.R.




Bullets pick: No. 5, Juwan Howard


Players on the board: 


Eddie Jones

Wesley Person


Fun Fact: I wonder what the Boulez would have done with a higher pick? Picked before Juwan were Glen Robinson, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill. This draft was pretty weak.




Bullets pick: No. 4, Rasheed Wallace


Players on the board:


Kevin Garnett

Michael Finley



Fun Fact: Wow, Kevin Garnett was picked next, but I can't argue with selecting Sheed. Unfortunately, the Bullets couldn't control his attitude and he went on to be a star somewhere else. In the 2nd Round they took Terrence Rencher. Who the hell is that??? They also traded a pick for Mark Price. We know how that turned out.




Bullets pick: Traded the No. 11 pick and Googs for Chris Webber


Players on the board:


Kobe Bryant

Steve Nash

Zydrunas Ilgauskis


Fun Fact: The Webber trade would have been great if he didn't sacrifice professionalism for talent and smoke weed on his way to practice. Not to mention that they parted with picks in 1996, 1998 and 2000 for his services.




Bullets pick: No. 17, Forfeited over Juwan Howard's stupid contract. That's a total of three forfeits for Juwan and C-Webb, counting college.


Players on the board:


Scott Pollard

Bobby Jackson


Fun Fact: This will forever be known as the Year of God Shamgod




Bullets pick: No. 13, Yeah, we traded this one too.


Players on the board:


Ricky Davis

Al Harrington


Fun Fact: This was a hit-and-miss draft, with the Candy Man going No. 1, but Mike Bibby, Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison rounding out the Top Ten.  This was the Year of Jahidi.




Bullets pick:  No. 7, Rip Hamilton


Players on the board:


Andre Miller

Shawn Marion

Ron Artest


Fun Fact: Obviously Rip was a great pick, probably our best of the last 11 years. You could argue he was a better pick than the previous seven players, including Lamar Odom, Elton Brand and Stevie Franchise.  He was traded for Jerry Stackhouse and a Bag of Chips.




Bullets pick: No. 7, yeah, we traded this one too.


Players on the board:


Jamal Crawford

Etan Thomas!

Quentin Richardson

Hedo Turkoglo


Fun Fact: We took Mike Smith at No. 35 because he looked deep into Michael Jordan's eyes or something, and he barely made the team. Then Ernie Grunfeld picked Michael Redd at No. 43.




Bullets pick: No. 1, Kwame Brown


Players on the board: (this is a long one)


Tyson Chandler

Pau Gasol

Jason Richardson

Shane Battier

Joe Johnson

Tony Parker


Fun Fact: Brenden Haywood was drafted at No. 20. Gilbert Arenas was selected at 31!




Bullets Pick: No. 11, Jared Jeffries


Players on the board:


John Salmons

Tayshaun Prince


Fun fact: This was a crappy draft , but we took Jefferies AND Juan Dixon over these two guys. This was also the Year of Rod Grizzard.




Bullets Pick: No. 10, Jarvis Hayes


Players on the board: (this is a long one)


David West

Nick Collison

Daniel Pietrus

Luke Ridnour

Kendrick Perkins

Josh Howard


Fun Fact: The Knicks suck more than us at drafting. They took Mike Sweetney.




Bullets Pick: No. 5, traded for Jamison


Players on the board:


Devin Harris

Andre Iguodala

Josh Smith

J.R. Smith

Josh Childress

Al Jefferson

Jameer Nelson

Tony Allen

Kevin Martin


Fun Fact: If hindsight were 20-20, there are several players I would prefer to Jamison, but let's give them a pass on this one. This was the Year of Peter John Ramos.




Bullets Pick: No. 20, traded for Brenden Haywood


Players on the board:


Jason Maxiell

David Lee


Fun Fact: Andray Blatche, of course, was selected at 49.




Bullets Pick: No. 18, the Year of Little Stewie


Players on the board:


Rajon Rondo

Marcus Williams

Kyle Lowry

Sergio Rodriguez


Fun fact: Randy Foye went 7th, but we were dumb enough to trade for him last year, so we're dumb.




Bullets Pick: No. 16, Nick Young


Players on the board:


Rudy Fernandez

Aaron Afflalo

Aaron Brooks


Fun Fact: Rodney Stuckey was available at the slot before, but we probably would have taken Nick anyway because we are dumb.




Bullets Pick: No. 18, JaVale McGee


Players on the board:


J.J. Hickson (ouch!) at 19

Courtney Lee

Kosta Koufos


Fun Fact: Many of us, including me, wanted Mario Chalmers and had no idea who JaVale McGee was. Many liked Darrell Arthur, too, and I haven't heard anything from him.




Bullets Pick: No. 5, traded for Mike Miller and Randy Foye (UGH!)


Players on the board:


Ricky Rubio (so overhyped)

Steph Curry

Tyreke Evans

Brandon Jennings

(need I go on???)


Fun Fact: This will forever be known as the Year of Dejuan Blair, the guy Mike Prada predicted would be the steal of the draft and was absolutely right.


Looking back at all of this you can see over the past decade and change, the real carnage was C-Webb and his doobie plus Kwame Brown and several other really bad picks.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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