Sorry Mr. Saunders

first and foremost, Prada, I apoligize this might be better off as a fanshot. However, i didnt have link, quote, or anything of the like, so i decided to just post this here. Please move it there if it is more accpetable in that spot. But to carry on...

To carry on and elaborate on a post i spotted earlier. This season could not, absolutley not, have gone any worse sans a stadium collapse or a RA37 gang riot breakout. I would like to take a moment to apologize to Flip Saunders. I personally haven't sat back and thought about how incredible this seasons circumstances have combined to make it one of the roughest seasons on a coach in a long time (perhaps top 5 since the NBA's inception). I would give pj car a top five, probably a few coaches had to deal with racism factors, and popovich probably had a tough time when hd television came out (i.e. pockmarkovich). I just would like to say thank you flip for not running for the hills. He probably goes home to his wife aghast. Hopefully she has and will continue to deliver the old birthday treatment to the good man Flip for the rest of the season. I hope that blatche goes and EG picks Flip because their is no place on a winning team for a player with that mindset. Singleton has been a great pickup and washington could use more character like that. Again I feel terrible for Flip, hoping he doesn't feel our town is crumbling around him like a haitian monastary.

The question is:

Is this the worst season a coach has had to endure that you can recall?


The circumstances:

His first year

-Legendary owner passes away mid season

-Botched offseason/draft acquistion

-almost immediately following Pollin's death Franchise player forces organization to pull down all thier marketing ads and wipe themselves clean of said player, in effect excommunicating him until further notice

-Trade remaining best and most classy, professional, and true leader of a young under talented immature team to the biggest rival we have

-Biggest rivalry is not a rivalry in anyones eyes outside of this blog site

-Best player recieved in return goes down with a bad injury 4 games with us and may never be the same

-You have played a 5'5 man at point for stretches of entire 4th quarters

-Another franchise might be the worse team in histroy therefore you might not even get an elite player for your pains

-Your best new player (blatche) has somehow found a way to disapoint you more deeply than any player you have ever coached in 15 years

-You have coached Latrell Spreewell, Rasheed Wallace, a certain Isiah Rider who was no priest/ communion gracer himself


If I have missed anything please fill in below.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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