Two Athletes, Two Legal Cases– A Verdict on Accountability

Wizards G Gilbert Arenas is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday.


Many people like to dismiss sports as just games. But if you have ever played any type of organized sport, you know many life lessons can be learned on the playing surface. Today, accountability heads the syllabus.

Two legal cases have made the news today– one involving Washington Wizards Guard Gilbert Arenas, the other Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Both demonstrate the virtue of accountability.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez, will meet with federal investigators to discuss a probe into Dr. Anthony Galea. Dr. Galea was charged by Canadian authorities in December with selling an unapproved drug known as Actovegin. He also was charged with conspiracy to import an unapproved drug, conspiracy to export a drug and smuggling goods into Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A-Rod’s admission to using PED, makes this situation a whole lot easier. We don’t really care who he got them from, we know he cheated. Much easier than this time last year, when he was dealing with the allegations. His statement, though filled with rationalization contained these words:

"I did take a banned substance. And for that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful."

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert took a different approach to his situation. Faced with criminal charges, he chose to treat his behavior as a joke. After rebuke from officials and a season ending suspension, Arenas decided to cash-in before he lost for good.

What if Gilbert had just said, "You know what, I brought the guns, it was stupid. I apologize to everyone."

Maybe we would have let Arenas go with the suspension and court probation. Instead, the prosecutor want’s a 3 month jail term. Be sure that the public display of stupidity by Arenas, caused the prosecutor– and the judge who will ultimately decide the punishment, to need to prove a point (with good cause).

Looking forward, A-Rod will have an easy day, if not inconvenient. Agent 6 will most likely spend some time incarcerated.

Accountability, that’s today’s lesson from the world of sports. Learn well, it can make for an easier day.

Washington Wizards
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