Thoughts on the new wiz so far and what should we do with Gillie next year?

The Wizards have been playing a new brand of basketball recently.


I figured that after all the trade we would just see and improved version of last year's injury decimated team. Boy, was i WRONG.

We are playing inspired basketball right now. I haven't had so much fun watching the Wizards since the arrival of the Big Three.

who knows, maybe

Thoughts on the players so far(I know its only been a couple games)


Andray Blatche - Dude has playing like an All-Star. These past 4 games he has looked better than Antawn, IMO. He might not be able to rebound like 'Tawn, but i the fact that he is an actual defensive presence in the post makes up for that. I love his offensive game. The thing about Gil and 'Tawn is that it seems like they have their minds made up when they get the ball and they are either going to pass or shoot. Blatche seems like a much more fluid basketball player. I love the fact that he is a willing passer out of the post. His inside/outside game is really fun to watch and he has got to have some of the best handles in the league for someone his size.


James Singleton --Reminds me of the Chris Anderson out in Denver, except he can shoot the ball a little. I love the energy this guy brings on both ends of the floor. Terrific hustle player. I know a lot of us here at BulletsForever already love the guy.

Josh Howard--didnt take long for him to get hurt did it? its disappointing, to say the least. what i saw from the guy, i liked. Good luck in the future Josh, because i doubt anyone wants to see the Wizards sign another injury prone guy.

Al Thornton--Really likes to shoot. Id like to see him get to the line more often, but i like what im seeing out of him so far. Clipper fans had us expecting he was going to be taking mid-range jumpers all day. He has been agressive so far. He is probably going to start now since Howard got hurt, but next year id rather see him come off the bench as a guy who can come in and give us some instant offense.

Mike Miller--ive always been a big fan of Mike Miller. I love his game. However, we have a young team and i think we shouldnt offer him anything more than a 1 year deal. If he wants something longer, let him walk.

Randy Foye --mediocre point gaurd, better as an off gaurd. I think itd be wise to resign this guy to give us some depth. not a great player but he is solid.

Earl Boykins -i liked him the first couple games but not much after that. everyone here blasts him for how much he dribbles, and im not gonna argue. Hes a good guy, but i would prefer not to see him in a wizards uni next year.

JaVale McGee --Steadily improving. Glad hes getting some major burn. But i just cant see him adding too much size to his frame. I think Worst Case Scenario right now for this guy is a better version of Ryan Hollins.

Quinton Ross--upgrade over stevenson on the defensive end, but i think he'll be just as inefficient on the offensive end.

Nick Young -After the Miami game where he outplayed Dwayne Wade i really thought he was gonna keep playing well. Well, he hasn't. Hes basically the same player he was last year. He doesn't seem to display a good basketball IQ, and when he gets the ball it seems like there's a 50% chance he's gonna shoot it or turn it over. At this point, i really cant see him improving much more. He's the type of guy that will have five to fifteen double digit scoring games a season. He has never been much of a playmaker. With his athleticism, i see no reason why he cant be every bit as good of a defender as Quinton Ross. But he's not. I guess the wizards will just have to decide if they want to keep this kind of guy on the roster. I think Al Thornton makes him expendable.  Let him walk.

Gilbert Arenas


First off, let me say I like Gilbert as a person. I think the whole gun incident was blown out of proportion and i think its pathetic that the New York Times flat out LIED about what happened and some people now have the wrong perception of Gil. Gil is a good dude.

At the same time what he did was stupid. You cant bring guns into a workplace or school, PERIOD. I'm sure he knew he wasn't allowed to have guns at the Wizards facility.


As for the basketball side of things, its a different story. I haven't ever been a big fan of Gil's game. Sure i loved his game winners and his big scoring games, but overall i always thought he was a ball hog and i never thought he was much of a playmaker. Sure he averaged 7 assists this year, but that was really the result of him having the ball in his hands so much. What I've always disliked most about Gil is is horrid defense. I don't think there is one guy in the league he can guard off the dribble, especially now with his bum knee. It also didn't help that he had a guy like Antawn Jamison behind him who didn't block a shot his entire time here in Washington.

I think Gil is a good player, but he's just not worth the amount of money we are paying him. I'll always wonder what Ernie was thinking when he re-signed a 1 legged man to a 100+ contract.  What's worse is they payed him a SIGNIFICANTLY larger amount than the Warriors.

If we continue playing the way we are playing, I think we should draft a point guard(Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech, from Baltimore---or Vasquez) and not play Gil next year. I dont think his game will help us win. We need to give him away if we have to. Get rid of Gil and sit on the cap room. Bring some local stars back to town!!!!Carmelo Anthony(not likely, but i can dream)!!!! Kevin Durant(again, more dreaming)! Micheal Beasley! Jeff Green! Rudy Gay! Keith Bogans?!?!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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