Last minute Trade Ideas

I just posted this on my website and I wanted to share it with the group:

Wizards Trade Ideas

*note all of these work in the Trade Machine, usually at the detriment of Washington, hence the picks Enjoy

With the Trade Deadline a day away I wanted to post a new group of Trade ideas that will completely clean house in Washington and help us build for the future.

Trade 1: The Blockbuster

Antwan Jamison and Earl Boykins to the Heat for Micheal Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Daquan Cook, and James Jones (plus one of the Heat's first round picks)

Basically the Heat get Jamison at no added money for next year when you figure in all these guys contracts and what it will cost to sign the draft pick. Miami still has their cap room and two key starters (Jamison and Wade).

Washington gets a building block for the future in Beasley, a solid 1st round pick, and a pair of young guards. They sacrifice their cap room for next year, but gain some financial freedom this year. This deal would save just over $1.3 million this season.

Deal 2: The Luxury Saver

Washington sends Randy Foye to the Grizzlies for Sam Young and one of their late 1st round picks (Nuggets or Lakers)

Memphis gets Foye for the stretch run, to back up their 1-3 positions. Foye is also a restricted FA so they could do a sign and trade or just end up keeping him next season.

Washington gets cap room next year, under the luxury tax this season, plus two valuable pieces. Young isn't an all-star, but he has tremendous work ethic and basketball IQ. Net savings for Washington equals $2.75 million in this deal.

Deal 3: Big Man Swap

Washington sends Drew Gooden to the Thunder for Nenad Kristic and a 1st round pick (either theirs or Phoenix's)

The Thunder get a big man with some upside and an expiring contract. While the Thunder are making a nice run this year they are hoping to maximize their cap situation for the offseason. Kristic has a player option for next year that he will likely exercise. Also by including the pick the Thunder won't have to pay that against the cap as well. Washington might need to include a future 2nd round pick or 2 to make this deal work.

Washington gets something out of Gooden. While it takes away some cap space next year Kristic is done after then meaning the Wizards can be very active in 2011 free agency (see below). For their trouble Washington gets an additional 1st round pick. Kristic is a bit overpaid but he's not awful, if he's not bought out or traded over the summer he is a solid rotational player for the middle. Washington does lose some of their savings for this season, net loss in the deal equals $660K.

Trade 4: Trade Winds in the Windy City

Washington trades Mike Miller, Oberto, and D. McGuire to the Bulls for John Salmons, Jerome James and a 2011 1st round pick.

Chicago is looking to clear as much cap room as possible, while James is an expiring contract Salmons is on the hook for over $6 million. Chicago would get a solid 2-3 back in Miller for their playoff run this year, and while it seems improbable to Wizards fans Oberto would be more valuable than James down the stretch. Chicago would also get to keep their first rounder this year making the trade even more beneficial.

Washington would again sacrifice some of their cap space, but getting a future 1st round pick is always a good asset (they might even be able to include a future 2nd rounder like in 2012 as well). James will be off the books after this year meaning they will still save some money against the Cap and Salmons isn't all that bad of a player. His contract is up after next season so he could have value as an expiring contract then. Washington would lose some money against their cap for this season, with a net loss in this deal of $433K.

Trade 5: Washington Stores up for 2011

Washington trades Josh Howard to the Knicks for Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill and Cash Considerations

The Knicks like the Heat, Thunder and Bulls are looking to clear their checkbooks for this offseason for the Free Agent bonanza that could ensue. Jeffries is a really bad contract that they desperately want to be rid of. The Knicks seem willing to give up Hill and a couple million dollars to take Jeffries off the books for them.

Washington is in perfect position to do this deal with the Knicks, they have a large expiring contract in Howard, and likely won't be major players in the market no matter how much money they have to spend, since FA's aren't likely to come to a team whose only marquee player is facing possible prison time. While Washington wouldn't get a draft pick out of this deal I think Hill and money are enough to make it worthwhile for the Wizards. In addition to Hill and the cash they are receiving, Washington would save a net of $1.941 million against the tax line this year.

Trade 6: Bold and the Beautiful

The Wizards trade Blatche and Nick Young to the Bucks for Charlie Bell and Francisco Elson, plus the Bucks 1st round pick

Milwaukee is trying to build their way to respectability and adding Blatche and Young along with Jennings, Bogut, and Ilysova would put them on their way. They would have to give up a mid-first round pick, but would be worth it to dump Bell's contract as part of the deal. Milwaukee could then maybe look to move their expiring deals for another piece.

The Wizards would be cleaning house with this deal, giving up two young promising players they once hoped could be a solid part of their foundation. Bell isn't a great contract, but its not awful either. It is for 3 years, but you could always look to buy him out during next season or afterwards. And Elson is an expiring deal. Also the money owed to Bell is roughly equal to what you'd be paying Blatche. Washington loses the upside of two young players, but would get a pretty decent draft pick to start again. The net loss against the cap this year in this deal is $588K.

What it all means: The Wizards would be cleaning house with JaVale McGee the main holdover on the roster. Washington would be sending out 10 players and getting 12 in return. They have one open spot on their roster meaning either someone would need to get cut or bought out. The Wizards could potentially do a 7th deal and trade Singleton for someone's roster exemption and a future 2nd round pick or cash considerations.

Washington would sacrifice quite a bit of cap room next season, but as mentioned previously they aren't likely to be major players for any of the Franchise changing guys. Instead they would add quality young players like Hill, Young, and Beasley (potentially Chalmers as well), and numerous draft pick considerations. Salmons, Jeffries and Kristic do eat up cap room for next year, but they would all be expiring deals in 2010/2011 season adding trade value to them then.

These deals would give Washington 4 extra 1st round picks next season. While it would be improbable for Washington to use all 5 picks, they could always draft a European player and keep him overseas, trade up, or trade the pick for a future selection. After its all said and done with these deals the Wizards would save $4.318 million against this year's cap, putting them well below the luxury tax line. This isn't a perfect scenario, but gives Washington plenty of future assets, young players with potential and puts them under this year's luxury tax. The only down side is it will restrict them from being players on next year's free agency market. Given all the benefits I think its worthy to wait one season to be active in free agency.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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