Wizards and Spurs (A Quick Comparison)

As I have been watching the Wiz I have seen a lot of things I like.  I am actually excited when Nick Young comes into the game.  I see a noticeable drop in our defense when Javale is out of the game.  Wall is fantastic.

I was thinking about it...and one on one, position vs position, I truly feel like our players could beat the Spurs.

McGee vs Blair
Blatche vs. Duncan
Thorton vs. Jefferson
Arenas vs. Ginobli
Wall vs. Parker
Young vs. Neal
Hinrich vs. Hill

I say this not to puff us up or feel better about the Wizards...but to say:

Flip vs. Pops
Wiz D vs. Spurs D
Team Chemistries


We are in rebuilding mode right now.  So lets make the changes now before they dig their roots even further.

Focus number one...Team Chemistry.

Lets address the problems.

1.  Is Flip really the right coach for this sort of team?  If not...things need to change.
2.  Can Blatche and McGee coexist?  Are their playing styles too similar?  Is it kind of optimistic to hope that two young projects in the same front court could possibly meet their max potential learning from each other and working with each other?   (Duncan mentors Blair.  Josh Smith and Al Horford are not the same style PF)
3.  Can three PG's (or combo guards), all undersized at the 2 play on the same team?  (Ginobli is a big SG or Small SF.  He is also a true wing player)
4.  Is John Wall our cornerstone...yes or no?  

I think before we can hope to play well defensively or run a seamless offense we need to recognize these issues and continue to be in rebuilding / experimenting mode.  Get rid of the pieces that do not work, not because they are not talented enough, but because they do not fit in the role needed.  If John Wall is the man, then build the team around him.

Fact is...I would rather the starting five look more like:

Wall (The chosen one)
Young (A True Wing Player)
Thorton / Howard (Real SF...gritty hustle players)
Booker (This is the biggest glaring gap, but play the player who fills the role.  Not Yi)
McGee (I chose McGee over Blatche.  Otherwise you can flip it but I truly believe McGee and Blatche just don't fit)

Finally, I like Flip, but he is a chemistry issue as well.  We are a young team.  We do not need a coach who leaves practice.  More than a coach with a fantastic offensive arsenal we need a coach who inspires.  Maybe not the most knowledgeable guy...but someone who commands discipline and pride.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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