Why the Wizards need a real big man coach and/or veteran big NOW

During the ORL game, I looked over at the sidelined and saw one Patrick Ewing sitting there mentoring an already seasoned Dwight Howard who is already established as the best center in the NBA. I then looked over at our sideline and saw several of our young and unestablished bigs without the same level of mentorship. I'm sure that Coach Banks is doing the best he can but several missteps stand out when looking at our bigs.

- Outside of Seraphin and to a lesser extent, Blatche, there are no bigs who have a fundamental sense of how to play with their back to the basket.

- Our bigs do not understand the importance of establishing offensive positioning on the low block; they settle for mediocre positioning way too easy.

- There are zero big man post moves that I have seen ( I will faint if I ever see a drop step by one of our guys, ever)

- In order for this team to be successful, someone has to establish double teams on the low block (not too hard as the quality of big man nowadays has decreased greatly). Opposing guards pressure the perimeter relentlessly knowing that there is no fear of having to help out on the low block. Those that complain about GAs shot selection, should see him in action if he were on Orlando. Dwight Howard in the pick and roll game forces opponents to respect his ability to roll and his size clears out ample space for shooters.

- McGee has the skill set to be a dominant center in the NBA ( he will be able to put on the extra weight necessary as he is only 22) and one of the top 5 in the league. He is not Noah or Chandler, he can be better, but needs the right coaching. This is a guy who can develop a devastating hook shot and offensive arsenal (he has the length and dexterity, just needs the coaching and repetition). Teams settle nowadays when it comes to big men. The best example of a team/player not settling is ORL/Howard. He spends the offseason working out with Hakeem to improve his game and ORL still maintains the services of an overqualified Ewing.

- Seraphin is a great backup center for the next couple of years. At that time his skill set will determine if he is a 4 or 5. He is fundamentally sound but obviously needs to work on learning how to play NBA defense without fouling as well as developing as a player.

- Blatche has the size and skill set. Explosiveness and desire are all that are in his way (and shot selection).

- Booker does not have the physicality to be a 4 on most nights, the athletic tools are there, just not the presence yet. He needs to be able to consistently rebound on the defensive boards and continue to develop his midrange game. Love his energy though.

- Yi has improved and has a good skill set. His basketball IQ however, is sorely lacking. He is still a project but could eventually blossom. Worth holding on to at the right price.

- Make no mistake though, McGee is the lynchpin here. Remember he is now 7' 1" with an impressive vertical and a versatile skill set. In my humble opinion the WIZ failure to develop him properly ranks right up there with all of the other issues the WIZ face. If I have young bigs I need a real big man coach and veteran big to mentor. That would be as good an investment in the franchise's future as the organization could ever make.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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