The Wins

Okay, lets look at the wins we have ( I will also throw in the Atlanta game Because i think we played well enough to win that game)

First off Team Defense In the first half of the 76ers game and the whole game vs the rockets.( Incredible)

If we can sustain that type of team defense throughout the season i say a 6th seed looks easy.

Mcgee Mcgee Mcgee.. He has established himself as one of the top shot blockers in the leauge and trust me the other team knows. Importantly his long arms alter a lot of shots that dont show up in the stat sheet. His rebounding effort is way up from the previous year.

Wall Wall WALLLLLL- he's everywhere with his hands in every ones pocket. Plus his steals WILL LEAD TO POINTS(just beautiful)

Kirk- Offense has been suspect , but i am very impressed with ability to guard some of the two guards he as faced..

Thorton- This Guy is strong as an ox.  With the right set of mind he can become a defensive threat to a lot of superstars.




Well we know wall and what he has been doing.. I just want to say i love the no hesitation on shooting that jump shot. He looks confident and that's why he is MAKING THEM. I think he shouldhave a relentless attack to get to the free throw line i think once he gets comfortable. we ill see it later on.with his speed there is no reason he shouldn't be shooting 8-10 free throws per game.

Thorton - I questioned why nick young wasn't named the starter. i see why now. Because thorton has been exceptional offensively. His strength to create space is great and he has been nailing his jump shots. A few times i seen him back down A.I and Battier. Two strong defenders to score on. and he did it like i can do this every time. Strong offensive rebounding too. reminds me of gerald wallace.


Gilbert- Eh he a get it going.

Andray- Shot selection has been off a few times. but when he makes the right decision he's a scoring machine. As like wall there is no reason he shouldn't be at the free throw line 8-10x a game. He tends to go up weak on a easy two points and it sometimes cost him. Most improved player of the year award


Mcgee- Scoop shot looks good. looks real good.

Nick young - like his mentality when he comes in. SHOOT. that's what shooters do.


Overall offense could be better if the 1 on 1 stops sometimes. we don't see the Celtics do it much because rondo has the ball 90 percent of the time. Wall can create for us. LET HIM.


The Houston effort made me proud to be a wizard fan. keep it up boys.

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