Thoughts from the Bucks game, and the preseason as a whole

1st wizards game ive been to in was very very fun...especially since i was sitting club..sec216 :)

I love bball in person…its so much different than watching the game on TV. And honestly I was tokin on somethn green before the game(who doesn't?makes it 10x funner)  so I cant remember everything.

My impressions(Im taking into account the other games but mostly this game):

  • Nick Young, although he shot poorly…played well, and he really a gifted athlete. that 360? yeeesh. He looked confident, and I liked his shot selection for the most part. Is this the year we see a more mature Nick? He’s been up and down this preseason, but if he can contribute off the bench more often…look out league.
  • I like the pick up of Kirk Hinrich. He’s gonna be a great 3rd gaurd…very good shooter and a strong defender. He’s overpaid, but honestly I think he’s worth what he brings. We have a LOT of immature/young players…his professionalism is welcomed.
  • Dray was tired the second half(and tired in general)…but I agree I like him on the block more. He seems to be improving somewhat when teams throw doubles @ him. But he looks poised to put an entire season together. He’s confident, and on offense he looks like he's a season or two away from seriously dominating. I’ve liked him since we drafted him. Its been awesome watching him grow into the player he is. My prediction? 17-20ppg, 7-8 rebounds.
  • JaVale seriously plays, runs, and just looks like an oversized, extremely atheletic, long, tall kid.(God what a run-on sentence. I need to start college before this gets worse -_- ) He needs to control himself. He consistently puts himself in bad spots, and has been taking "WTF" shots since his rookie year. You dont need to spin the lane dude. You look 7'3". Three plays really stand out in my head. One he did a ugly spin move, ducked under the defender, and somehow scored. It was a WTF moment. The other was when he tried to do some Dr.J shit layup and half the Bucks team swatted that shit. Go up strong or go OVER. He should really use that skyhook more!!! The last play was when he had the rock at the top of the key and he tried to thread a pass into a cutter coming across the low post. Plays like that really annoy me...your the freakn' center. THIS IS WHAT FLIP MEANS BY SUBSTANCE! We dont need you to be a playmaker!!!
  • Seeing JaVale in person makes you realize how much of a FREAK he is. Can’t wait till he grows up a little bit. Seriously, imagine if ‘Vale had the mindset of Dennis Rodman(with or without the added craziness)…he’d average 20 rebounds a game.
  • When someone like Drew Gooden eats you up…not good. All of their rotation bigmen need to improve defensively. Blatche, McGee, Yi. (Hilton is decent but shouldn’t see anything more than garbage time.
  • Yi has some skills…and honestly, I like him out on the perimeter more than I do inside. He has a pretty shot. Finally played like his old self, but I’m still confident he will be prove to be a steal. He’s honestly surprised me more than any of their other players.
  • Booker is shorter than I though. Haven’t seen him play too much so I can’t give much analysis. However, it looks like Yi will be very good as the first big to come off the bench. Damion James and Quincy Pondexter are more comfortable on the perimeter…they might have fit in better in the short term. But who knows. Way to early to tell. Don’t get it twisted though…I like Booker.
  • Lester Hudson and Cartier Martin should make this team over Ammo. I honestly think Cartier should get more PT than Al Thornton right now…I like his game for the most part and he fits better with Wall…I just get uneasy when he puts the ball on the deck. He has a pretty shot…he should stick on the perimeter and shoot. Al hasn't shown me much at all.
  • Lester looks like someone I would love to have on the team for practice purposes. He’s competitive, tough, and he’s got some game.
  • For some reason the crowd cheered for Ammo but I’m honestly not sure why. No idea how or why or dabhwbufuot this guy was picked 3rd. He has a decent shot but besides that not much else…and every game I’ve seen him so far he is a horrid defender. People routinely blow by him.
  • Gil didnt play much against the Bucks but from what I’ve seen the past few games I’m guessing he shoots over 41% from 3 and scores over 22ppg+…silencing his critics along the way.
  • John Wall…I have nothing to say about the kid that hasn’t already been said. He brings excitement. He’s got swag, without being a jerk*cough*BRON*cough*…oh, and he’s pretty damn good :)
  • Some thoughts on the Milwaukee Bucks--not many of their starters played, here's some thoughts anyway--- I like their personnel. CDR should be solid off the bench. Delfino is more athletic and bigger than I thought. Illyasova is one of my favorite players. He wasn't on tonight, but he can heat up. He also doesn't look like a soft Euro guy...

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