What Would You Do?

I live in Brooklyn, so before this season began, I begged a good friend of mine who works for the owner of the Nets to get tickets to the Wizards-Nets game tomorrow night (Friday, January 29th 2010).  A couple days later I followed up with her and upon hearing a lack of urgency in her voice about locking in some great seats "Chill, it's the Wizards-Nets, I don't think getting tickets will be a problem." I explained to her, as calmly as possible, that the the Wizards were going to be the turnaround story of the year in the NBA and that if she didn't get the tickets right away, the good seats would be gone.  

I reasoned that the Wizards are in Win Now mode.  They'd hired an elite NBA coach with a great system and a penchant for defense.  They'd get their elite player, Gilbert Arenas, back from injury, who also happens to be a crowd pleaser - which will make the tickets even harder to get.  Add in returning Brendan Haywood, two proven veterans in Mike Miller and Randy Foye, the improvement of Nick Young, Andre Blatche, and Javale McGee over the summer -- And once he saw this team play together for a month or so, it's likely that Ernie Grunfield would make a trade for the "final piece".  In sum, by the time January 29th rolls around, the Washington Wizards would be one of the hotter tickets to come to town, and I didn't want some other employee scamming my Wiz tix.  

It's now January 28th, 2010.  And I'm clearly a genius.

Wizards 14-30

Nets 4-40

I know, it hurts to think back on the optimism of the offseason, but I have a serious question for everyone.  A question that I will be asking myself as I sit courtside on Friday night.  I grew up in the DC area and, like many people on this site, I believe in rooting for the home team and have rooted for the Bullets/Wizards and their players since I was a kid. I still have my Bullets cap which I wear proudly no matter how low the team sinks.  BUT, as I stated above, I live in Brooklyn now.  I still believe in rooting for the home team, but I've never really gotten into the Knicks or the Nets.  Let's face it, It's hard to change your loyalties and I love the Wizards.

The Question:

It is very likely that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn and I wonder if this will pose a serious threat to the Wizards being first in my heart (although I don't think I could ever root for LeBaby if he ends up here too).  This is like an NBA team moving into your neighborhood - be it Rockville, Fairfax, Alexandria, etc.  How could you not get into that?  My question is, would you consider changing your loyalty to the Wizards if another NBA franchise moved to your neighborhood?  

Extra Credit:

My seats are close enough to the court that anything I shout out will be heard by the players and coaches.  What are you suggestions for any "encouragement" or "advice" you'd like me to relay to the team?

I'm interested to see everyone's responses.  


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