Gilbert Arenas/Guns timeline and some questions

OK, I know we're all sick of the gun story and should be able to enjoy a full day savoring the Sacramento victory. But conflating the prosecutors' story with all of the other stories floating around has left me with the feeling that we still don't know the true story and with a lot of questions. In particular, I'm curious about the actions and reactions of Wizards management. What did they know? When? How did they react at each point? Part of me thinks that they may not have been aware of the complete details of "the incident" until the New York Post and Yahoo stories emerged on New Year's Day. Part of me thinks that they may have helped Gil concoct the "keep the guns away from the kids" story. I also think that Gilbert may not have revealed the full story to them immediately and only acknowledged each event when he had no other choice (like a teenager who has dented the car, at a strip club when he was supposed to be at the library, with 6 friends in the car, with beer in the backseat, etc.). So I have a developed a timeline along with some questions that follows after the jump. I'm not sure what it all means or if I really want to know the answers, but I guess I'm just posting this to show that we will probably never know all of the facts related to this story. Ultimately, I have to shake my head and wonder how Gilbert Arenas could have been so stupid. And I'm someone who wants to see him play for the Wizards again. I don't vouch for 100% accuracy and have tried to credit Mike Jones and Michael Lee when I referenced their work for the information.

December 9 - Gilbert Arenas' daughter is born.
December 10 - 18 Did Gilbert actually remove guns from his house and bring them to his locker?
December 19 argument on plane. Gil refuses to pay debt, Crittenton argues suggests fist fight, Gil dismisses him, follows up with over the top "joking" threats of blowing up JC's car or shooting him in the face. JC follows up with threat to shoot GA in knee.

December 21 the incident. Gil displays 4 guns. So were they already being stored in his locker or did he bring them in specifically for the "joke"?

Guns are put into a suitcase and brought to the parking garage.

Team officials find out about something (the incident(?) or just about the presence of guns (?)), question Gilbert. He admits having the guns, shows team security where they are. Team security drives them back to Virginia (Gil's house?). Was Crittenton questioned? Did Wizards management know about the "incident" or just that Arenas had guns? Why not an immediate suspension for "conduct detrimental to the team"?

December 22 Wizards beat Philadelphia at home.

December 23 Wizards beat Milwaukee in road game.

December 24 - team officials inform police and league offices of incident(?) or the presence of guns(?). Gilbert turns guns over to authorities. Gun investigation reported on CBS Sportsline and picked up by national media. When did the Wizards management inform DC authorities and the NBA of the "incident"? How much about the incident did they report? Did they report about the "incident" or just gun possession? Did they know about the "incident" at this point? Why did it take so long? How did CBS Sportsline find out about it so quickly? If they reported the entire incident, why no mention of Crittenton? What happened on the 22nd and 23rd?


Wizards issue the following: Wizards and Arenas released statements on the matter.

The Washington Wizards have learned that Gilbert Arenas stored firearms in a locked container in his locker, unloaded and without ammunition," the Wizards' statement read. "The Wizards organization and Arenas promptly notified the local authorities and the NBA, are cooperating fully with law enforcement during its review of this matter and will have no further comment at this time.

Also in the article (by Mike Jones):

I was able to get a hold of Gil by phone, and this is what he had to say: "It happened like December 10th. Right after my daughter was born. I decided I didn't want the guns in my house and around the kids anymore, so i took them to my lock box at Verizon Center. Then like a week later, I turned them over to team security and told them to hand them over to the police, because I don't want them anymore. I wouldn't have brought them to D.C. had I known the rules. After my daughter was born, I was just like, I don't need these anymore.

source: Arenas facing weapons possessions investigation By Mike Jones on Dec. 24, 2009 into

Why did the Wizards stay silent about this if they knew it was false? Did they help create the story? Or did Arenas actually move guns from home to his locker between December 10 and December 19? Did they know of the "incident"?

December 26 Wizards lose at Minnesota.

December 28 Wizards lose at Memphis

December 30 - Arenas admits that an investigation is going on. Wizards lose at home to Oklahoma City. Flip goes on rant about poor D.

January 1 - All hell breaks loose.

    Yahoo Sports: gun investigation related to a dispute between JC and GA.

    NY Post: GA and JC drew guns on each other.

Wizards statement:

The Washington Wizards take this situation and the ongoing investigation very seriously. We are continuing to cooperate fully with the proper authorities and the NBA and will have no further comment at this time


In other words, the Wizards organization does not acknowledge the investigation as  being anything more than the storing of unloaded weapons until after the gun fight reports surface.

Did the Wizards management and authorities including Stern know anything about the incident prior to these reports or was it still the gun storage issue?

January 1 - 4 the tweets

January 2 - Wizards lose at home to San Antonio.

January 5 - "the picture" Wizards beat Philadelphia in Philadelphia.

January 6 - Mike Wise story documenting the current version of the story. Indefinite suspension.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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