The official trade rumors thread (Updated 1/22)

I don't normally do this, but because there will be (and already has been) a ridiculous increase in the number of trade rumors that involve our team, I wanted to keep track of them in one place instead of constantly putting the new ones in FanShots and cluttering up the main page.  Obviously, that doesn't mean I'm banishing all trade talk to this thread.  A trade rumors analysis post is long overdue, and some trade rumors are obviously more credible and interesting to discuss than others.  For now, though, whenever you see a rumor, drop it here for discussion.

Here are the ones I could dig up so far.  I'll keep looking.  Please rec this FanPost so it stays on top of the column.

(I'm including what I could find from December 15 on).

December 25: Wizards "open for business," love JaVale McGee. (Marc Spears, Yahoo!)

December 27: Wizards want more than cap relief for Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, won't trade Jamison to Cleveland because of their rivalry (Marc Stein, ESPN)

December 29: Caron Butler figures in the Wizards plans "for years to come." (Gery Woelfel, Racine Journal-Times)

December 31: Wizards call Rockets to explore Gilbert Arenas/Tracy McGrady swap, told it wasn't feasible. (Michael Lee, Washington Post)

January 2: Wizards will make a play for McGrady's expiring contract (David Aldridge,

January 3: Caron Butler rumored to possibly be in play for Miami or Chicago.  Chicago might send Kirk Hinrich and Jerome James back. (Mike Jones)

January 5: Wizards prefer to move Antawn Jamison over Caron Butler, Cleveland could absorb final two years of Andray Blatche (strange language there) to get Jamison. (Chris Mannix, SI)

January 7: Our first "Antawn Jamison deserves a trade to a contender" article. (Brian Windhorst, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

January 8: Caron Butler was offered as the key piece in a package for McGrady's expiring contract (Michael Lee, Washington Post).

January 8: Butler was offered to the Clippers for Marcus Camby's expiring contract (same article)

January 8: Cavaliers willing to give up Zydrunas Ilgauskas and his expiring contract for Jamison, but the Wizards aren't particularly interested (Marc Spears, Yahoo)

January 10: Both Marcus Camby and Mike Dunleavy say the rumored Butler/Camby swap was "news to them." (Jim Peltz, Los Angeles Times)

January 11: Brendan Haywood is the most desirable piece on the Wizards, and Denver and Portland would probably be most interested.  Also, Denver was on the verge of submitting an agreed-upon trade for a big man, but it collapsed at ownership.  Might have been Haywood. (Ken Berger, CBS Sportsline)

January 14: Caron Butler's on Houston's wish list, could be traded with expiring contracts such as Mike Miller and Randy Foye for Tracy McGrady's expiring deal. (Chris Broussard, ESPN)

January 19: Chad Ford says a Caron Butler/Devin Harris swap has been discussed. 

January 22: Wizards aren't getting the type of offers they want. (Michael Lee, Washington Post)

According to multiple sources, the Wizards have not received viable offers because other teams are expecting a fire sale. One league source said that the Wizards likely won't get equal value in any trade and may have to settle for packages that include expiring contracts and either draft picks or young talent.    

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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