Get Involved in the Utah Trade

It's been a little while since I've commented, but I've been operating mobile and Blackberry's can't post on BF.  Now that I have a chance to put something up, I want to throw out an idea that I've been itching to get feedback on.  Utah has to get rid of Boozer, point blank.  It looks like Miami is the most likely destination because Boozer likes Miami, Miami needs quality players to entice D-Wade to re-sign, and D-Wade likes Boozer.  There are a couple of reasons why the teams aren't pulling a straight up deal (i'll go into those after the break) and would look for a third partner.  I recommend the Wizards join the party.

I propose we pursue Michael Beasley.  Sounds crazy, but I'll explain.  Here's how the trade will look.  It involves two steps.


Step 1:

Miami gets: CJ Miles (3.7 mil, 3 years)

Utah gets: MIA 2nd round pick, 3.7 mil in trade exception

Step 2:

Miami gets: Carlos Boozer (12.66 mil, 1 year), Kyrylo Fesenko (870K, 1 year)

Utah gets: Randy Foye (3.58 mil, 1 year), Andray Blatche (3 mil, 3 years), Mike James (6.47 mil, 1 year), WAS 2nd round pick

Washington gets: Michael Beasley (4.64 mil, 4 years), Mark Blount (7.96 mil, 1 year)


Washington should do this trade for quite a few of reasons.  First, Beasley is younger, more productive and has a higher ceiling than Blatche.  This also helps address the issue of whether or not to re-sign Foye.  I feel like a package of Foye and Blatche for Beasley is more than fair. It also helps clear some of the backcourt logjam and brings in our 5th big.  We also now have almost 8 million expiring (without thought of re-signing the player) versus 6.5 million.  It also drops our currently constructed payroll by about 450K.

One of the things that has come up before on this site and was reiterated in Prada's "6 Conclusions from Summer League" article is the on-court chemistry between Blatche and McGee.  Blatche seems to hinder the flow of our offense (only based on Summer League) and completely nullifies McGee (based on last year and Summer League).  Even though Beasley is shorter than Blatche, he's a more proficient scorer and as good of a rebounder.  His style is more similar to someone like Jamison.  He has inside and outside ability that doesn't clog the lane and meshes well with our players skillsets.  He allows Haywood and McGee to control the paint, gives room for our guards to penetrate, and even though he can play outside, he's not scared to mix it up in the middle.  He also helps in our match ups against teams like Cleveland and Orlando that want to get more athletic at the 4.

Some may think he's a knucklehead, but with influences like Jamison, Caron, Haywood, Sam Cassell, and Flip, he could really mature.  He also would be more likely to accept coming off the bench in DC than in Miami or Utah.  In Utah, he would be behind Millsap.  In Miami, he's getting demoted and Boozer will likely re-up so Beasley will be on the bench for a while.  In DC, he's coming home and sitting behind an All-Star, but likely could take the starting spot next year or at least compete for it.

Losing Foye would hurt, but we seem to be developing Nick Young and Crittendon to play specific roles in our system.  I think that Foye's presence would hinder their development because he would log major minutes at both backcourt spots as the 3rd guard behind Gil and Miller.  Since we acquired a 5th big, we could spend that bi-annual exception on a vet point guard and get a better quality player for that amount of money.  There would then be more of an even and situational rotation off the bench between Young, Critt and the vet.  My vote is Marbury (i won't even get into all of that right now), but maybe your cup of tea is Tyronn Lue, Brevin Knight, Anthony Johnson, Bobby Jackson, etc.

As for Utah, they do the separate trade to dump CJ Miles contract for the Miami trade exception to make the deal work.  Miami wouldn't do that straight up and this way, Utah gets 3.7 million in cap savings and 7.4 million in real dollar savings.  As far as trade 2, Utah would lose Boozer next summer anyway.  If they just pick up Beasley from Miami, they face the same dilemma.  He'd be unhappy backing up Milsap long term.  And he'd be real upset being in Utah and as a former #2 overall pick, he garners enough attention to cause major drama.  Utah still gets $10 million in expiring money, depending on their decision about Foye.  They also drop about 500K from the current payroll and get 2 draft picks to sell next year.  At 12 million over the luxury tax line, they can use the financial help of saving almost 8.5 million this year and actually have 700K less committed to next season's payroll.

On the court, they get a more explosive player in the backcourt off the bench with Foye, who can play either position.  Blatche provides some versatility also.  With Boozer or Beasley, Utah has 3 power forwards (Millsap and Kirilenko).  They also already have Okur and Koufos.  Blatche is an upgrade over Fesenko and has no expectation to beat out Utah's two current PFs.  He's the versatile, cheap, young 4th or 5th big.  He's still young and Jerry Sloan can work with him.  His build and skillset are similar to Karl Malone, he's just doesn't have the work ethic or the discipline.

As for Miami, they get Boozer.  I would expect they make him sign an extension.  This also helps the recruitment of Odom.  Getting Boozer and Odom increases the likelihood of D-Wade coming back.  Simple reason.  They also get a young, third center behind Joel Anthony and another athletic, young wing to add to the rotation.

Everyone comes away happy.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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