Ernie Grunfeld=Jesus

So, I’m doing yardwork today and as is the case with menial tasks, I started to day-dream.  Well more like “dialogue”.  Me and my subconscious were talking to each other about the draft.


Me: “Damn, how did Ernie screw this up the draft?”

My subconscious: “Really, what did he do wrong?”

Me:  “Didn’t you hear?  He traded the 5th pick for a couple of marginal players.  That pick could have been Ricky Rubio, the best point guard prospect in the draft! And to top it off he passed on he passed on Dejuan Blair.  He could be a great offensive rebounder.  The team needs rebounding!”

My subconscious: “ I think you’re being to negative”

Me: “Huh, are you kidding? This sucks!!”

My subconscious:  “Well, didn’t they get a 6’9” 2 guard in Mike Miller in the trade?”

Me: “Yea, so…”

My subconscious: “Well, he averages quite a few rebounds a game.  Plus he’ll be a big upgrade over Deshawn Stevenson.  And he gives a 4th scoring option”

Me: “Yea that’s true.  But what about the prospects, Blair and Rubio?”

My Subconscious: “Well, don’t we already have a first ballot hall-of-famer point guard?  So, why draft Rubio?  And as for Blair…weren’t you complaining last year that the Wiz needed to play their young bigs more all last year?  Well, now here’s McGee and Blatche’s chance.”

Me: “Yea…I guess your right about the picks.  But why didn’t Ernie pick up the big free agent.  He needed to “swing for the fences!”…why didn’t he get Bosh or Amare?  They were there for the taking!”

My Subconscious: “Yea, but wouldn’t we have to give up one of our big 3 to get them?  That’s dumb.  Did you realize with the new contracts we now have over $25.5 million coming of the books next year?”

Me: “Really?  That’s enough a lot of spending cash.”

My Subconscious: “Yea, so now you could bring in any free agent in 2010 that you want.  You could even sign them to a max contract. And that’s with the big three.”

Me: “Holy crap! You mean we could sign Bosh straight up next year to a max deal while keeping the big three? Or maybe Amare? Or Nowitski? Or Lebron(blasphemous!!)?

My subconscious: “That’s right”

Me: “That’s friggin awesome!!  We’d be a powerhouse for the next 5 years!”

My subconscious:  “I know.”

Me: “Ernie Grunfeld’s a genius. Like Einstein…or Jesus”

My Subconsious: “like Jesus…he’s come to save the Wizards.”

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