Lets talk about the Wizards young players!

Here is my take on their young players: In order of whom I think has the best potential:


  1. JaVale McGee- One of the most athletically gifted 7 footers to come into the NBA in a while. Was a total steal by Grunfeld. The teams most valuable trade asset. Still raw, but last year was able to show his potential. Mainly living off his god given athleticism, will have to become more of a student of the game/ learn post moves. Was caught too many times last year out of position defensively. Strong work ethic with intensity and passion for the game. May turn out to be a double-double machine. Best case scenario is a more offensively advanced Tyson Chandler. Can turn into an eraser for the defense.
  2. Nick Young- A bit of an enigma. Amazing life story. Teams 2nd most valuable trade asset. When he gets it going he can score with the best of them. Is one of the most athletic players on the team. Has a 7 foot wingspan! Standing vert is 39.5 inches (Demar Derozan, who i think is a good comparison to Nick, is considered by most to be in the top five athletically gifted players in 2009 draft has a standing vert of 29.5) Has the tools to be an excellent defender at his position (He has had some sick blocks). Needs to play with more intensity and confidence on both ends of the floor. I would be disappointed to see the team trade him as the Wiz have made a good investment in him, which i believe will bear good fruit. Has developed to the point where he is a useful role player for the Wiz. That said, he needs a couple of more years to develop so that his basketball IQ can catch up with his athleticism. Starting SG in 1-2 years with an average around 17-21 ppg. Will go off nights for 30 every once in awhile.
  3. Andray Blatche- Not so much an enigma as he is immature. Has poor mans Jermaine O'Neal potential (when Jermaine was a franchise player). Still thinks he is Magic Johnson (sometimes he get away with it!) Needs to develop a goto post move. Good re-bounder and better than average defender. Most important development needs to occur in the work ethic dept. Good off the bench player for Jamison. May become starter once the wheels fall out from under Jamison in couple of years if not traded and Wiz don't draft or acquire a stud PF. 
  4. Javaris Crittenton- With Foye here will not see much time, most likely packaged in to a larger trade to acquire a big man.
  5. Dominic McGuire- Good defender and very athletic. Great hustle player who has a nose for the ball and makes clutch rebounds. May never develop consistent offensive game. Best case scenario here is a poor-poor-poor-poor man's Dennis Rodman, which would be great.

Here is my take on whom will help us the most next year:

  1. Nick Young- Sick athleticism, I think he's poised for a breakout year, ready to become a microwave off the bench.
  2. Andray Blatche- Not a great defender and still will probably think that he is Magic Johnson at times, but will help clean the glass and chip in 10 points a night.
  3. JaVale McGee- Will come off the bench a provide a couple of highlight dunks. Most important is defense off the bench. Should get a couple of blocks a game
  4. Dom McGuire- Will come in with hustle and energy a la jason maxiell or Birdman. Will grab rebounds and play good defense.
  5. Crittenton- May see a couple of minutes a game to give arenas and foye a breather. May not be on team next year due to the fact that he may be traded.

What do you think?

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