A Detroit-Washington & Minnesota-Washington Trade Proposal(s)

Quasi-inspired by Jake's post, I suggest that in while we talking about trading we not only look for veteran players, but specifically for length and size.

One reason is that this is what helped Flip in years past. A second is that getting a fourth All-Star on this roster is not likely. A third is that Grunfeld has a point: we shouldn't risk a major upheaval when we haven't seen the squad play together in over two seasons. 

Keeping this in mind, here's one humble fan's proposal(s). 

I used both RealGM and the ESPN Trade Machine to confirm this BTW, but I have:


Stevenson, Blatche and Songalia going to Detroit

Pecherov (and a pick?) going to Minnesota

Kevin Love (PF) and Tayshaun Prince (SF) coming to D.C.


Giving us a lineup of:







This gives us length up front as well as a perimeter defensive player who could compliment Haywood's post defense. Flip likes using zone defenses, and with long players like Prince, Haywood and McGee he can come up with a number of schemes. Butler is going to have to deal with playing at least 15-20 mpg as a SG, but we don't really lose anything from an offensive perspective.







Having Crittenton or Young come off the bench first for either Prince or Butler give us a traditional lineup; with Crittenton, Arenas can move to SG and with Young he can stay as a PG. Love and McGuire can come in for Jamison and Prince/Butler. But as a fivesome, this group will be fast, athletic and still disruptive defensively-speaking. Also, Love is versatile enough to play Center in a smaller lineup (I'm thinking Crittenton, Arenas, Butler, Jamison and Love?).


What About The Other Teams?

Minnesota may be hesitant unless we throw in our pick. But as far as PFs go, they have plenty (Cardinal, Smith and Williams). Considering what Love can do for our guys, I'm willing to part with the 5th pick and let the T'Wolves go back-toback. Also, there a good chance that Flip still has enough pull with his old team to get some talks going.

Detriot gets some youth (Blatche) mental toughness (Songalia) and a SG who won't complain about being a bench player (Stevenson). If we can get away by giving Minnesota our 33rd pick with Pech, I say do it and save the #5 to sweeten the deal with Detriot. That way, whether they decide to blow the team up or do some cosmetic surgery they'll still have some decent pieces to work with.

I also picked two teams that either (a) haven't been in the playoffs in a while and would be willing to trade for that chance, or (b) made the playoffs but still realize they have a ways to go if they want to go deep. I'd say the biggest boon for both would be the opportunity to dump some of their own ineffective players and try out guys who either have some playoff experience or are still raw enough to be molded into a new offensive/defensive scheme.  

I think Minnesota would bite before Detriot would, which is still good because we still get a young player who has enough NBA experience to be a consistent contributor.

P.S.: I went with a younger PF because I know Jamison isn't the type of player who will come off the bench at this point in his career. I know he did this in Dallas, but that's because (1) he had just arrived there and (2) Dirk was dancing between PF and SF at the time and the Maverick coaching staff didn't want to wreck the team chemistry until they had figured out where their star player fit best.



This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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