BF Draft Board: Pick #6

I know, I know, we could easily trade the pick, but with the Wizards getting the fifth pick and currently owning a high second-rounder, we need to fill out an official community draft board.  Keep in mind, folks, that this is a Wizards-centric draft board, not necessarily a list of who you believe are the top prospects in the draft.  This is in order of best fit to worst fit among the top prospects in this draft.  Ability of course plays a role, but consider first and foremost how this player will fit with the Wizards.

Yeah, yeah, I know, we already have a poll running today, but in order to get as far as we need to get on our draft board, we have to keep moving.  So with that, here's the poll for pick #6.

Jordan Hill won the fifth spot on our board pretty convincingly, which surprised me a ton.  I've already made my feelings on Jordan Hill pretty clear, and I personally voted for DeJuan Blair in the last poll.  This report about Jordan Hill (HT: Johnnie Futbol) didn't exactly alleviate my concerns.  These are just some excerpts from Jonathan Giovny's report

Comparing him with other prospects we’ve evaluated in these types of settings over the years, it’s pretty obvious that Hill started playing basketball later than most, as he’s not a very polished player at this point in time.

While Hill’s frame looks solid, it’s pretty clear that he’ll have to hit the weight room if he’s to be able to effectively compete with some of the more physically developed big men he’ll face in the NBA. He lacks strength in his lower body in particular, and this, coupled with his below average post-moves makes him fairly limited at this point with his back to the basket.

Now, this isn't to say Jordan Hill will be a bust necessarily, as the late-bloomer aspect of his game does bring a lot of intrigue, but don't we have enough players like Hill already?  Why do we need another jump-shooter who needs to build up his body in order to deal with the strongest post players in the league?  Hill offers a lot for some teams, but he seems redundant here. 

That leaves us with this board:

  1. Blake Griffin (prospect profile)
  2. Ricky Rubio (prospect profile)
  3. Hasheem Thabeet (prospect profile)
  4. James Harden (prospect profile)
  5. Jordan Hill

Anyway, here's the vote for the sixth spot.  Remember, this is a Wizards draft board, so consider team needs accordingly.

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