Not Exactly The Worst...

I know that it's been rough this season, but the positive side is we have had an opportunity to see what this team needs (in terms of players) to be a force in the League and who on the current roster won't be apart of that.

In the spirit of culling the weak from the strong, I wanted to compare the "winners" of Charley Rosen's Anti-awards to our Dumbledores of the District. As per Rosen's rules, this comparison will only be made of those Wizards players who participated in ten games or more (that automatically disqualifies Arenas and Haywood). And with all due respect to Rosen's evaluation skills, I'm sticking to his stat-based awards.

Pointless Leader: In 17 games, Mark Madsen averaged 0.4 ppg.

Etan Thomas beat this by a mile with 3.1ppg, and he's like the 12th option on offense.

Brick Layer: Cheikh Samb shot 18.8 percent from the field.

DeShawn Stevenson is the closest with 31%, and he was hurt half the time.

Foul Shooter: DeSagana Diop managed to convert only 31.1 percent of his not-so-free throws.

Stevenson again (53.3%) and again, he was hurt.

Long-Distance-Wrong-Numbers: Josh McRoberts was 0-for-9 from beyond the arc.

Darius Songaila was also 0.00%, but he only shot one three-pointer. And he played center for half the season.

Non-Playmaker: Othello Hunter averaged 0.0 assists.

He gave us a scare, but Oleksiy Pecherov's 2 assists in 32 games ganered him a shame-evading 0.2% apg. Granted he played in twice as many games as Hunter, but whatever.

Shot-Watcher: The 6-foot-9 Madsen failed to block a single shot.

Again, Pech (with .09). And if that's not a screamer, consider that Juan Dixon and Javaris Crittenton blocked more shots than the 7-footer.

Looking-Glass Leader: In 10 games, Sun Yue registered zero rebounds.

Dixon chimes in with 1.3 boards per game. Of course with Dixon, getting a rebound is his best chance of being able to shoot the ball.

NBA's Most Honest Man: Madsen stole nary a pass or a dribble.

Thomas had 3 steals this season. I'm as shocked as you are.

New York Minute-Man: When he did play, Yue averaged a mere 2.8 minutes per game.

Pech averaged 8.7 minutes a game, which is the equivalent of garbage minutes in a blowout.

Well, there you have it. If you were to compare our current roster to Rosen's "worsts," if looks like Stevenson, Thomas and Pech are the biggest offenders, with "honorable mention" going to Dixon and Songaila. Out of those five, the one I would vote to keep around is Songalia, because (1) he was playing out of position and (2) he has the best FT% of the bunch (that comes in handy when there's a close playoff game and the opposing team is scrambling around trying to foul someone). Considering that these guys all played more than 200 minutes of basketball, I think questions like "How many rebounds did he get?" are entirely fair in the evaluation process.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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