Does a trade for Amare Stoudemire make sense?

I  have been reading Bulletsfovever, well forever, but this is my first fan post.  Like most of you, I am extremely disappointed/frustrated/want to storm the court and kick Gilbert in the balls angry with this team.  I was fully expecting us to have a strong season and to really start hitting our stride come playoff time, and I could not wait to see the Cavs again (ok, they terrified me, but I was looking forward to the challenge).  Now, I believe that we have to make a big move this off-season.  Not because I don’t think this team can win, but because season after season it seems that we are just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and we need a fresh start, we need a spark.  This team has become complacent, and without big changes, I just don’t think they can put it together.  ESPN is reporting that the sun are shopping Amare Stoudemire. I propose this trade:

Suns Get:

Antwan Jamison

Andre Blatche

Wiz 1 Rd pick

Wiz Get:

Amare Stoudemire

Why the Suns do it, they get a vet in Jamison who wants to win now, plays a style that would work well with Nash, and is a role model and vet leader that will not make waves, and help develop young guys.  They get an athletic 7 footer, how has a high ceiling, and a low salary to build around.  A top 5 pick, another young guy to develop and build for the future.  They do not get the expiring contract they want, but I am sure the wiz would be willing to send any of etan/darious/james pu-pu platter (and maybe even some cash to help negotiate a buy out so the Suns get the cap space this summer).  The suns get younger, improve their locker room, and position themselves for short and long term success

Why the wiz do it: Amare is a huge talent, a starting 4 of Gil/butler/amare/haywood is definitely a group you can win with.  The 5th starter/bench would be Stevenson/crit/young/mcgee/pesh and what ever is left over from the pu-pu platter above. Here is why I think it makes so much sense.  Amare is a big risk, with reported attitude problems and injury history.  If he plays well and works out, great, amazing, offer him a huge contract and I am sure he would want to stay, with three guys, Gil, Caron, and Him all all-stars, all in their prime, and ready to compete for the next 3-4 years. However, if it does no work out, if they don’t mesh, Amare becomes a problem, whatever, let him walk.  Yes, let him walk.  We would then have money to re-sign haywood, and have expiring contracts of Amare/ etan/darious/james which would put us WAY under the cap.  We would then have an attractive core of Gil and Caron to sell to the HUGE potential free agent class of 2010.  You don’t think that would interest Bosh? Either way, we would have huge cap space to add a big time free agent and/or sign our young guys.  I think it gives us the flexibility and spark this team needs in the short and long term. 

Am I crazy?

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