Swag Depleted: The Power of Flip


If Haywood takes another baseline jumper, wow, I don't know if I can stand watching any more Wizards games...

This team is seriously just a bunch of bottom feeders, and bad ones at that too.
There are so many problems with this team, and  a lot of fans on this forum have already pointed many out so well, eloquently or in borderline rants as the one I am doing right now. 

Let's start with Deshawn Stevenson

What I am seeing now is not really a problem with the players but more a problem with the coach.  It has been a while since Flip coached but anyone on this forum can obviously see that "eshawn stevenson" aka Mr. 25% has maxed out all his swagger.  No "D," No three point shot, and No Idea why he is starting.


"I'm rich byatchh"



Ok so back to Flip, He is horrible (at least from what I have seen as yet)
I mean seriously... he is so damn stubborn it is infuriating to watch as a fan.

Supposedly he has been touted as an offensive genius, this is the same guy who didn't get out of the first round of the playoffs for seven seasons before being given probably one of the most elite "teams" of the decade in the Pistons.

Remember, the pistons before Flip were defensive minded.   Flip came in and tried to enforce his own "genius strategies" and ultimately they came up short in the Eastern Conference Finals on multiple occasions.  But you ask,  "ECF hell that's pretty damn good to me, why are you complaining about that?"  Well look at that team, he had four potential all stars, all of them team players (Which is perfect for his "WHAT exactly is his system??? I mean you hear about it here and there but really what makes it so great? It feels as if he is completely depending on one player such as Chauncey in Detroit to run the whole thing, way too much dependence on a player can have definite negatives if that player goes down) and a great city and base to work around, I mean seriously that is like a dream coaching assignment, how could he not mess that up?  But the problems began even in Detroit because he tried to force his own strategies on that team (THAT Pistons team was built for Defense, not Offense, ask Ben Wallace he'll tell you what's up).  Now it seems as if Flip is again trying to change something that wasn't necessarily broken in D.C.. instead of in my opinion tweaking it. 

Let's be honest guys, we loved the Eddie Jordan Wiz, the Run and Gunners, That was fun basketball to watch night in and out, granted we didn't really play a lot of D but boy were we a dangerous team (to other teams and our self at the same time).  I wish Flip would have realized that the Big Three "THRIVED" in that system, it takes so much pressure of Gilbert which in turn takes pressure off of the other two, because let's face it, Gilbert should be the one with the most points and attempts.  I wish Flip would have kept some of the concepts of the Princeton Offense in tact as he would gradually move into his own system.  Think about it from the sense of a basketball player, if you are constantly bringing up the ball, having to think about who to pass to, who needs touches and what not, you will ultimately affect your own game (especially if your game is predicated on point production, ask Eddie House).  No wonder Gil was constantly turning the ball over early in the season, he is just not used to this big kind of jump, in fact we are beginning to see how the Princeton Offense hid many of the weaknesses of the big three.

This current Wizards team as I have said many times before is built for Run and Gun ala Phoenix Suns, make no mistake that the Wizards are not the Knicks version of the Run and Gun, but can be like the Suns (A team that fired Terry Porter because of the very same reason that Flip may get let go if he doesn't change his plans to suit his team).  Though the jury is still out on the suns, they may have improved their defense a bit, but the playoffs is where it matters.


"whoahh slow down"


Gilbert Arenas

I have said this many times as well, Gilbert Arenas is NOT Chauncey Billups.
Apparently the only person who thinks he is, is Flip Saunders.
Gilbert is not a leader,
He is not a facilitator,
He is a straight up scoring machine who has been leashed by Flip,
Unchain him, let him get his swag back, let him go postal, I would rather lose that way then the bull shit way we have been losing the past several games.  I mean seriously the only reason we started making comebacks in most of those games is because Arenas just said screw it and took over.

Caron Butler

Next is Caron aka Cell Block 4 aka Tough Juice aka can you please not fucking pump fake every damn shot.
Flip needs to put this guy on the second team or something because he absolutely is throwing out the sync of the entire first team offense.  He would be better coming off the bench as the main scoring threat versus being a ball massager in the first team.  But of course that will never happen... The alternative is for him to stop pump faking and just drive to the hoop as much as he can.  He will get fouled or he will miss a big time dunk, oh how many times can you blow a one handed jam?, but then of course that will never happen UNLESS he starts drinking Mountain Dew (do it, I know I can't resist).

And all my friends are  telling me that Caron was making all these contested jumpers in the past, All I can say is that yes I know, believe me I know.  The problem is now he isn't, people have scouted him, as a backup, as a starter, as the main option, and now people know his tendencies (don't believe me? ask Earl Boykins) his go to moves (pump fake, iso cross over, drive into defender etc.).

Check out this great analysis on Caron Butler, to those of you who haven't read it, Dissecting Caron Butler's Inefficient Offense Part 1

Antwan Jamison

Finally the third member of the big three, the Captain, Antwan Jamison

I swear this guy is probably the heart and soul of this team, the problem is he gets injured all the time, and by all the time I mean on every single play.  And he needs to stop taking contested threes.

But man this guy is awesome, I know I rag on the wiz a lot but 'toine is what being a true professional is all about, just need this guy to be healthy for once.

JaVale Mcgee

Other than that can Flip please give JaVale McGee minutes, I mean seriously, and by seriously I mean you need to play him because if you don't he will ask for a trade and he will try to get the hell out of DC.  He will make mistakes, that is fine, but he will give you energy off the bench and blocks.  These are things you need when your offense and defense is as stagnant as it has been recently.

There are so many things I want to say on JaVale McGee, I could make a post on it probably, but the bottom line is that this guy has some skills.  He definitely needs to bulk up, but I can definitely see this guy being a great on ball defender against 4s, someone other than Flip needs to teach him D.

Mike Miller

As for people who are saying things will get all better when Miller returns, you are wrong, it will continue to take time, and it was a horrible coaching decision by Flip to let Miller continue playing when he hurt his shoulder during the first injury.  As soon as I saw Mike get injured, I just kept telling myself that hopefully he doesn't try to play quickly (pretty much the same thing I say when I see Antwan get hurt).

And like everyone says non stop on this board, Mike Miller needs to shoot the ball more.

Earl Boykins
Other horrible decisions include playing Gilbert Arenas with Earl Boykins at any point in time, people have figured Earl the Pearl out and he is now Earl the Marble.  
Problems with Earl
*He can't play off the ball
*Has to have ball in his hands to be effective
*Defensive Liability
I mean he stepped up big in the early part of the year, but now we need Gil to Step up.

Randy Foye
As for Foye, Flip has destroyed his confidence, Here is a guard people were touting as Larry Hughes Version 2.0, now Flip rarely uses him, and gives him ridiculous spot minutes which understandably throw him off his game.

Nick Young

Nick Young? You know when you create a player in NBA2K10, you know that awareness attribute?  Guess how much his will be..


This guy is not a catch and shoot player... and neither is caron, they are ball massagers, they need a couple of moves to create separation for their jumpers or drives.

With Nick Young, It literally feels as if he is on this league based on talent alone (A lot of people in the NBA are) But he needs to have some kind of court sense or "awareness" to take himself to the next level, which for his case would be J.R. Smith (Granted J.R. Smith isn't exactly Einstein with a basketbal, but he holds it down for the most part) I have always likened Nick to a poor man's J.R. Smith, and in the past I have been hard on this guy but hoping he would pan out, then again I felt the same way about Courtney Alexander (remember him?).

My main problem with Nick is that he gets way to down on himself if he misses a shot, and way too high if he hits a shot (I know this line would sound ridiculous to any other nba fan, but welcome to the world of the washington wizards).  And I hear he is having a hard time learning Flip's Ipod Touch Offense, well no shit, this is the same guy who struggled to pass the NCAA's regulations with the SAT/ACT, obviously if Gilbert would struggle then Nick must be lost.  But the problem is where is Flip in all of this?  What has he done to make it easier for Nick Young?  He barely plays him in the beginning of the season after Nick lights it up in preseason/training camp (yes I know it's preseason/training camp but still give the guy a chance based on effort).  If Flip destroyed Randy Foyes confidence then he must have burried Nick's under the Ice Rink at Verizon Center.  Please Flip, Nick has talent, but he needs guidance, and does have the potential to become a viable night in and out threat off the bench.  The problem is that like Gilbert, he is chained to his "catch and shoot aka rip hamilton" role.  One of the things I think Nick really needs to do during the offseason is that he needs to develop a good three point shot (ala J.R. Smith).  This guy is hands down better than deshawn at the moment if Flip is talking about starters.

Andray Bluh Bluh Bluh Bluh Blatche

As for Andray, I mean this guy is doing the best he can, it's just Flips lineups are just so inconsistent and random at points that it throws everybody off.  You want this guy to be consistent?  How about giving him consistent minutes?

Dominic McGuire

And please why oh why are you playing Dominic McGuire?  Great hustle guy here and there, but this is a spot player, people are like "Oh he's a defensive player."  I am like "Ok... and?" Yes he plays some defense here and there but other than that he can't do anything else.  He is a fumbalaya, He will drive into traffic and lose the ball in the process, and brick shots thus making the player he is facing able to rest on D all the time.  He is taking minutes away from Young, Butler, and Whoever else, good hustle player (should only get like 10 mins a game, until he has a solid jumper)

Fabricio Oberto

My man, the man from Argentina, Hells Bells, this guy is like the power forward version of Shane Battier, and in the beginning of the year we were all wondering why on earth would San Antonio let this guy go if he has been cleared.  Why? Well we found out that his style of play usually will have him picking up alot of fouls.  Now he has been burried so far on the bench that even JaVale is getting playing time ahead of him.  But then I ask the question, "Wouldn't it still be okay to play him more against less athletic 4s or 5s?  I mean the whole point is he is a ball facilitator (which fits right into what Flip is trying to do), so why suddenly the change of heart?  You know what you are going to get with Fabricio, spot minutes, good d, ball movement, and hard fouls.  Give this guy some more run because I don't know if Flip was saving him for the playoffs or what, but play the man if you want to stick to your system.

Brendan Haywood

Haywood is surprisingly playing well this contract year.  Please just stop taking jump shots, if you throw any more bricks you can build a chimney on the rim in time for Santa Claus.


"Back off that purse is mine!"



I have just about had it with this crap, I mean I really have had it, the wizards are turning into the basketball version of the redskins, and it is just not acceptable.  Flip Saunders is Vinny Cerrato, Daniel Snyder and Sean Suisham combined into one globby mess, ok well maybe I need to tone it down a bit, but you get my point.

Please Wiz Kids turn things around, as of right now, Flip is the only one who can help this team by changing himself.  He just needs to realize what he has for once, and find ways to work his system around the wizards and not the wizards around his system.

Otherwise, him and Terry Porter will have a lot in common.

btw I just lol'd at the disclaimer directly below this sentence.

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