Official Total Roster Makeover Thread

With the team languishing despite being in luxury tax territory I'd like to open the floor to brainstorming ideas for how we can most effectively cut salary and, hopefully, get young players and picks, young players and expiring contracts for our overpaid veterans. Of course, if you have ideas for how we can retool and remain competitive rather than rebuild, then I am all ears.

Let's keep in mind that, despite how terrible we are we, we still have a number of pieces that other teams covet. See my rundown after the jump

Here are our biggest assets:

1. Mike Miller's ~10m expiring contract (he is an impact team player who has a huge amount of expiring $).

2. Brendan Haywood's ~6m expiring contract (he is an all-defensive caliber player who has an expiring deal at a reasonable $ figure)

3. Caron Butler (he is a former all star who is well respected as a character guy around the league, is under 30, and has a reasonable $ contract with one 1 year remaining after this one)

4. Andray Blatche (breakout multi-skilled big man in a league that covets players with size and ball skills, VERY reasonable contract that he is locked into for 2 years after this one)

5. Mike James' expiring contract (he is useless - though Miami wants him - but he has a hefty expiring deal)

6. Antawn Jamison (overpaid but an all star PF - teams WILL trade for expiring deals for him and maybe we can get more).

7. Javale McGee (his star has probably fallen a little bit this year but he is highly sought after)

8. Randy Foye and his expiring contract (some team may talk themselves into thinking he isn't terrible and he is 0 risk given that he has no deal beyond this season).

9. Javaris Crittendon's expiring deal (he is young, big, and somewhat talented so he can be a decent asset given that he also has an expiring deal)

10. Fabricio Oberto's expiring deal (no one may want him as a player, but $2m expiring is nothing to sneeze at)

Here is what we most want to get rid of:

1. Gilbert's contract

2. Deshawn's contract (not that much $ really, but he is totally worthless)

3. Antawn's contract (he is a true warrior, but if we want to rebuild the team, then we need to get rid of him)

4. Caron (reasonable contract or not he may need to go to shake things up)

5. Flip  Saunders (can't trade coaches .... o well)


Keep in mind that we cannot trade our #1 pick next year because of the Ted Stepien rule prohibit a team from trading #1 picks in back to back seasons.


Have at it!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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