thoughts so far (after Miami Win)11/27/09

Nick Young just schooled Dwayne Wade. I cant believe what I just saw. This kid is as talented as we thought he was. He just needs to stay confident...if he plays defense like he did tonight he will get consistent minutes even if he is inconsistent on offense. He can get anywhere on the court and can get up a decent shot against any defender. He needs to get to the line more often. I think he has the ability to be an allstar(or that could just be hopeful thinking).

I dont know what to say about Gilbert. I love him and I'll remember all the game-winners he has made, but right now he is just a ball-stopper on offense and a ghost on defense. The Wizards play better as a TEAM when Boykins is in the game. It is sad to see Gil sitting on the bench the entire fourth period though. Maybe they should look into trading Gil for a distributing point gaurd? It might be too hard to do with his mammoth of a contract.

Blatche is steadily improving as always. Great vision and passing skills for a guy his size. He is also becoming more disciplined. Will be a starter eventually. It seems like he's been around forever but he's still young. Haywood is having the best season of his career by far. He seems a lot happier with Eddie Jordan not around. McGee just needs to keep working, he will be a very good player. Oberto has surprised me...i didnt think he would even play. Someone on this site compared him to Darius Songaila but i think thats a terrible comparason becasue he is a much smarter player and a much better on-ball defender. Stevenson gives us some nice depth. But he has no handles.

Foye is the definition of average. Miller is hurt(but was very good when he was playing). I think im not the only one who wouldnt rather have Brandon Jennings or Johnny Flynn in a Wizards uni. It makes me very sad when i think about the fact we would have had the opportunity to draft Brandon Jennings had we not made that trade.

Jamison is still going strong, still underrated, and still cant play defense. I liked when they had him playing the 3, but with his size he just isnt capable of gaurding very many players. He is too small for most opposing 4's, and doesnt have the lateral quickness to gaurd most 3's. Imagine him trying to check Bron or KD24. Caron is also still playing solid basketball but i think he could be playing a lot better.

Boykins has been a pleasent surprise....I didnt expect him to play, but he is finishing out games and getting minutes over Gillie.

Timmy Williams over and out!!!

Random Thoughts on the rest of the Wizards:

Why does McGuire wear a headband?

Javaris Crittenton is athletic.

I would pick Mike James in a fight over any other wizard.

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