Blogger Power Rankings, Version XIII: Change you can believe in

On a much larger scale, there was a significant milestone in this country that was made official today.  I try to leave the subject of politics alone on this site, but Barack Obama's inauguration is an exception. 

However, in the small, niche world of the NBA blogosphere, there was also a significant change that occurred (and no, I'm not talking about the True Hoop blogging network).  There is a new number one team atop the latest edition of the Blogger NBA Power Rankings.

To those not aware, the Blogger Power Rankings is a new thing that started this year in which several prominent bloggers rank the NBA teams.  I'd include BF in that distinction, but we've been very bad at getting our rankings in each week.  Despite this, BF was selected to host the 13th edition of the Blogger Power Rankings.  The results -- and the significant change at the top -- can be seen below the jump.

This week's participants: 3 Shades of Blue, Bust a Bucket, Hoops Addict, Empty the Bench, Hornets 24/7, Lakers Nation, Queen City Hoops, Raptors HQ, True Blue JazzWith Malice, Jake of BF and Gilbertology and me.


1.  Orlando Magic

Jameer Nelson should be called Frosty the Snowman: he has icewater running through his veins. -With Malice

Seriously.  Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis playing defense at this level?  Stan Van Gundy deserves two Coach of the Year awards. -Hornets 24/7

2.  Cleveland Cavaliers

The injury bug continues to test this team's resolve on a near weekly basis, and they've overcome every time. Amazing season so far. -Empty the Bench

Signing with the Browns is probably the only way LeBron doesn't win MVP this year. -Jake, Bullets Forever and Gilbertology

Crab dribble. -Prada, Bullets Forever (had to throw it in there)

3.  Los Angeles Lakers

It's possible that Sun Yue is not the answer. -Lakers Nation (brilliant comment!)

The look on Kobe's face after Roger Mason hit that shot was priceless, I want it framed. -True Blue Jazz

4.  Boston Celtics

Celtics fans are pleading with Doc Rivers to give Bill Walker and Gabe Pruitt more playing time.  Apparently, it's still 2006. -Bullets Forever

Winning again, pity that, I liked their fans better when they were losing. -Lakers Nation

5.  San Antonio Spurs

Roger Mason puts the "fun" in "fundamental basketball" - Jake, BF and Gilbertology

Healthy and solid. -Bust a Bucket

6.  Denver Nuggets

Denver currently has three rotation players on non-rookie contracts that make less than $1 million, yet they're leading the Northwest Division.  How is this possible? -Bullets Forever

They really have made huge steps since Chauncey Billups was added to this team. -With Malice

There's a lot of goodwill about this team because of their record, but their differential is about the same as last year. -Hornets 24/7 (the opposing view)

7.  New Orleans Hornets

Wake Forest has the best team in college basketball, the best point guard in the league right now, the best power forward of all time and Maya Angelou is a member of Wake's faculty. Your move, Duke. -Jake, BF and Gilbertology

Injuries means CP3 will have to carry this team.  Oh wait, he already was. -Hornets 24/7.

8.  Portland Trailblazers

For a team that has had more than its share of good news the past few years that Miles situation could overshadow all of it. -Raptors HQ

22nd in FG% allowed and 26th in 3P% allowed, improved defense could make them a Finals contender. -True Blue Jazz (glad someone brought things back to the court)

9.  Houston Rockets

There's been a lot of talk about the squabbling between Yao and Tracy.  There hasn't been nearly as much talk about how Ron Artest isn't causing any drama. -Jake

Ron Artest fitting in?  He's taking more shots per game than Yao or McGrady.  He and Rafer are killing this team. -Hornets 24/7

I hyperextended my metatarsal while typing this comment. If I was Tracy McGrady, I wouldn't blog for three weeks. -Bullets Forever

10.  Dallas Mavericks

I want to say they're old, but they're just a bad winning team. . and one that's been losing a lot recently. -Lakers Nation

Still lack solid D... and seem overly hopeful that Matt Carroll's the answer for their 3 pt shooting woes.  Highly doubtful. -With Malice

11.  Atlanta Hawks

Of late, they look like they are deserving of a KFC sponsorship deal... Chickens. -With Malice

Joe Johnson gets lots of credit for this team, but he's actually one of their least efficient scorers.  Best creator though. -Hornets 24/7 (someone else sees the light)

12.  Phoenix Suns

Who would have thought that the Cardinals would have a better chance at winning a title this season? - Jake

At 36 years old, Grant Hill is enjoying a fine overall season and become the Suns' best perimeter defender. -Empty the Bench (he forgot to mention the Suns' defense sucks)

13.  Utah Jazz

Carlos Boozer has to regret his opt-out comments with his injury lingering. Even Pat Riley appears to be looking towards the summer of 2010 now instead. -Hoops Addict (who obviously forgot about Arenas last season)

4 game win streak followed up by a 21 point loss to the Thunder.  I have no idea who this team is anymore. -True Blue Jazz

14.  Detroit Pistons

Don't look now, but Detroit's starting to find their groove. Once they figure out their stating five they could jump into the top five of these rankings. -Hoops Addict

Will GM Joe Dumars feel compelled to make another ballsy move before it's too late? If not, this team might struggle just to avoid the lottery -Empty the Bench

15.  Miami Heat

Whilst (sic.) I know that the Shawn Marion experiment hasn't worked out too well, to trade him for a guy who now views his best basketball years in the rearview mirror would be an error.  Jermaine O'Neal is not your answer. -With Malice

Is Dwayne Wade the best player in the NBA? Think about it. Who else does this team have? -Bullets Forever

16.  Philadelphia 76ers

Nothing like making a big free agent splash, only to find you play better without said player. -Bullets Forever (some may say this statement is ironic.  Well, at least they would have said this last season).

They're winning without Brand, but now Brand is ready to return. Oh, the drama.... -Empty the Bench

17.  Milwaukee Bucks

Bogut.  Australian for "The Only Usable Center in Milwaukee" -Hornets 24/7

18.  New Jersey Nets

Too bad all their best frontcourt player wish they were guards. -Hornets 24/7 (wait, this refers to the Nets, not the Wizards?)

19.  Minnesota Timberwolves

These guys can play. They won't make the playoffs but they will cause some damage along the way. -Raptors HQ

Consider this now a team that other teams do not want to face (currently).  That'll change when the dreaded McFale effect kicks in again. -With Malice

20.  Chicago Bulls

-Toni Kukoc isn't walking through that door. -Bullets Forever

-Larry Hughes must be loving how things have worked out since leaving Washington. -Raptors HQ

21.  Indiana Pacers

-Danny Granger seams to think the NBA stands for Raising the Bar Association, which is stupid because that doesn't even work as an acronym for NBA. -Lakers Nation

(more Danny Granger comments)

22.  Charlotte Bobcats

-I wanted to move them up - but the numbers don't support it...yet.  The results on court are starting to suggest it is coming. -Queen City Hoops, ranking them 22nd

So I just read Larry Brown traded Detlef Schrempf for Derrick McKey and Haywoode Workman.  No really, look!  Wait, the jerseys say "Richardson," "Diaw" and "Bell."  That's strange... -Bullets Forever

23.  Golden State Warriors

There are no shooters on this team.  Makes it kinda hard to space the floor. -Hornets 24/7 (that is, unless they face the Wizards)

24.  New York Knicks

Look, I love Steve Nash and Amare Stoudamire.  But right now, Chris Duhon and David Lee look like borderline all-stars.  Is it time to reassess the value of 7SOL? -Bullets Forever

David Lee should be an All-Star. -Raptors HQ

25.  Toronto Raptors

We had three years of evidence of Jermaine O'Neal sulking, being injured and generally just being out of games.  Why, exactly, was any of that supposed to change? -Bullets Forever

Probably the most disappointing team in the NBA right now, outside of perhaps the Pistons. -Empty the Bench

26.  Memphis Grizzlies

Yay for playing Miles. Boo for sucking -Lakers Nation

27.  Oklahoma City Thunder

If such an award existed, the Thunder might earn the "NBA's Most Improved Team" honor come mid-April. The future is looking bright in Oklahoma City with cap flexibility and no less than five 1st-round picks to play with in the near future. -Empty the Bench

Hey look!  Durant CAN rebound.  You just have to stop putting him 23 feet from the basket! -Hornets 24/7

28.  Sacramento Kings

I'm wondering if there's any truth to the rumors that the Maloof Brothers have posted pictures of the Clippers in the team's locker room just to make the guys feel a little better about themselves. -With Malice

What's the over/under on the numbers of players they would like to ship out of town...6? 7? -Raptors HQ

29.  Washington Infirmaries

See how I changed their nickname? Distracts me from the misery of this season. -Bullets Forever

Every now and then, the Wizards manage to conjure up a win that belies what this team really is: awful. -With Malice (I have no idea what that means)

30.  Los Angeles Clippers

They are who we thought they were. -True Blue Jazz

Thanks to everyone who participated.  If you are a blogger wishing to join the party, let me know and I'll direct you to the necessary people.

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