This year's summer project

We're reaching the dog days of August, when there isn't much on the NBA schedule, save for Olympic coverage.  I've traditionally shied away from doing much with the Olympics or World Championships because there are rarely Wizards involved, but since Darius Songaila is playing for Lithuania, we'll probably discuss it a little bit.

Otherwise, though, there's not much out there to discuss. 

But rather than cut down the activity of the blog, we traditionally run some sort of off-beat series to keep the content going.  Last year, we began counting down what we deemed to be the top 20 Bullets/Wizards of all time.  I had people vote on the list, tallied the results, then opened the floor for anyone to write profiles about the player in whatever voice they chose.  The list we came up with is here (the numbers are off for some reason).  These are the profiles already completed:

I have Jeff Malone (#7, by hotplate) on my computer from an e-mail he sent eons ago, but that still leaves six more that people should volunteer to write. 

  • #6: Walt Bellamy
  • #5: Phil Chenier - LoneWiz54
  • #4: Earl Monroe - Truthaboutit
  • #3: Gilbert Arenas -Jake called this one already
  • #2: Elvin Hayes
  • #1: Wes Unseld

So there's that to finish.

But once we're done with that, I figured a better project would be to write profiles about 15 players who are memorable for reasons besides their play.  Last year, I called them "curiosities," because I couldn't think of another term for them.  Basically, these are the guys that Bullet/Wizards fans still echo today even though they were mostly cerebral players.  I'm talking LeDell Eackles, Lorenzo Williams, Williams, Dinnerbell Turpin, Brent Price, Gheroghe, Manute Bol, Tyrone Nesby, etc.  In a lot of ways, these would make far more interesting profiles than the more legendary guys, plus they also reflect our history better than anyone. 

So let's use this thread to brainstorm on guys that should be part of the series.  Once we do that, we can determine how many of them should be profiled and who should profile them. 

Have at it!

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