"Mr. Pollin, I love you," Jamison replied.

.... "And I'm going to do everything possible to continue to make you happy."

That is how the press conference went yesterday. Just makes me feel so great. I love, well the love.  Cheers to Abe:

"The 84-year-old Washington Wizards owner arrived via cart and was helped into a cushioned chair for a news conference for the newly re-signed Antawn Jamison. Although the body appeared frail, the voice and mind where strong and sharp."

"I'm getting a little old and a little sick," Pollin said. "But I'm still around, and I'm going to be around until we win the ... championship. I'm stubborn and hardheaded." 

Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?  We have a great owner, a great players coach, an awesome group of funny, good character players that seem to all get along, exception etan and b-wood, etan of whom in my last post i stated i would trade for a lobster buffet. GREAT CITY, all the players get huge stars to come to thier birthday parties, and without doubt some of the most loyal and knowledgeable fans. We are not spoiled but appreciative. and...we dont ask our players to play defense, how cool is that? haha. Seriously tho, we play a fun system, fast paced NBA ball with a street style that allows an openness for players to do what they feel at the given time. this aint no spurs team where you have to run down the court and set 4 pick and rolls, then feed the post and if not then you have to lick one of popovich's pockmarks . No, please deshawn jack a three with 18 seconds on the shot clock, haywood please try a turn around hook shot when you catch the ball out of the lane, caron take 12 contested 19 ft jumpshots in a game, just make half of them, and blatche go out their and get 6 fouls in 4 minutes. The comraderie is great, so what if the butt of all the jokes is "the pecherov".  I feel they still include him in of the team antics, which a lot of other teams dont, you think spencer hawes and ron artest joke around? straight business...

well im just saying that i like the organization that the wizards are becoming, and having recently moved from a city with no nba team, i wouldnt trade this one for any other.

any comments, or things you like about our team that i forgot...or are their any other fans around the league that think you have it as lucky im saying we do?


we dont ask our players to play defense,


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