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Ok - I know I already put in one submission... but after Ivan Carter's recent article about Gilbert Arenas negotiating his own contract... holding out until the last minute to Opt Out... Pradmaster's note earlier today about his "lack of bargaining power".....  I thought I'd take a second shot, with the assumption that Arenas could be negotiated "down" from a Max-Contract.

Gilbert is a 7-year veteran. As such, his maximum salary under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement is $15,649,500 - Maximum raises of 10.5% of the first year amount. ($15,649,500 x 10.5% = $173,197 per year maximum raises).. The Wizards are the only team that can offer a 6-year contract term. All other teams can offer only 5-years or less. A 6-year contract, with a maximum first year salary of $15,649,500, would be worth $

Let's keep in mind that Arenas is scheduled to make $12,804,000 next year if he does NOT OPT OUT. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are not a lot of teams out there with cap room to offer Arenas a large contract... (or Jamison either for that matter)...

SO - Let's try to get under the Luxury Tax enough to perhaps sign Mason or another Free Agent...

1. Offer Arenas a 6-year deal with the first year starting at $14,000,000. That would give him a $106 Million deal over the next 6-years.

2. Offer Jamison a 4-year deal with the first year starting at $10,500,00. I'd normally say offer Jamison only 3-years, but let's give him that extra year, and see if we can reduce the first year's salary...

3. With the 18th pick, draft a Euro player and stash them overseas.

4. With the 47th pick, draft Kyle Weaver and sign him to a minimum contract $427K
(If you're not familiar with Kyle Weaver, look him up on DraftExpress... GREAT defensive player)

Here's the Wizards payroll for the 2008-2009 season:

Here’s the Wizards payroll for 2008-2009:
Andray Blatche  $ 2,739,669
Antawn Jamison  $10,500,000
Antonio Daniels  $ 6,200,000
Brendan Haywood  $ 5,500,000
Caron Butler  $ 9,249,980
Darius Songaila  $ 4,234,000
Deshawn Stevenson $ 3,616,017
Dominic McGuire  $   711,517
Etan Thomas  $ 6,864,200
Gilbert Arenas  $14,000,000
Nick Young  $ 1,602,960
Oleksiy Pecherov $ 1,446,720
First Round Pick #18 $     0.00
Second Round Pick $47 $   427,000
Total   $67,092,063

That leaves about $3.9 Million under the Luxury Tax to either sign Roger Mason or another veteran free agent.

Here's the Wizards line up:
PG = Gilbert Arenas , Antonio Daniels , Kyle Weaver
SG = DeShawn Stevenson, Nick Young
SF = Caron Butler, Andre Blatche, Dominic McGuire
PF = Antawn Jamison , Andre Blatche, Darius Songaila; Oleksiy Pecherov
C = Brendan Haywood, Etan Thomas, Andre Blatche

If Gilbert Arenas does not opt out, then it would provide another $1.2 Million for a Free Agent (total $5.1 Million, or almost equivalent to the Mid-Level Exception)...

Be carefull of wishing that Arenas NOT OPT OUT..... If that happens, he will almost certainly not be a Wizard after next season; as the Wizards will not have any room to sign him... The best chance of the Wizards keeping Arenas is that he opts out THIS YEAR.


The problem with this scenario is that Ernie would have to do some quick thinking RIGHT NOW. The draft is on June 26th. The first day you can sign players is July 1st....

So if you want to save money to try to sign Roger Mason, you need to decide now - because it affects who you are going to draft.



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