Profiles in Draftage: Ty Lawson

From the FanPosts.  A look at the first prospect to work out for the Wiz this year. -PM

I've always had bad luck whenever I've been to lazy to attend a basketball game featuring future stars. A couple of years ago, I had the chance to see Oak Hill Academy play Montrose Christian in a matchup between two top-10 teams in the nation. Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley and Ty Lawson were among a host of star players playing in the game that would end with a frenzied comeback by Montrose Christian capped off by a buzzer beater, ending Oak Hill's undefeated season.

To quote Oleksiy Pecherov, er, Stewie Griffin, "Huh, guess I shoulda gone to that thing."

Lawson would later join the Tar Heels as one of the most highly ranked guards in the nation. During his two years in Chapel Hill, he would show flashes of why he was so highly touted but struggled to become a consistent force. He had strung together an eight-game streak of double digit scoring, including a 23 point 10 assist performance against Miami, when an ankle injury sidelined him in the middle of ACC play.

His play in the tournament would reflect most of his career at UNC, as he had his ups (19 points and 7 assists vs. Arkansas) and his downs (9 points on 2 of 8 shooting vs. Kansas).


Lawson enters the draft with several point guards firmly entrenched ahead of him in most rankings, but Maryland native has a lot going for him. The first note on any scouting report on Lawson is his speed. YouTube is littered with highlights of Lawson getting out on the fast break and either finishing or setting up a teammate. Lawson's more of a playmaker than a true scorer and finished second in the NCAA in assists/40 min.

But Lawson still has a lot of question marks surrounding him as he prepares for the draft. Though bulky and muscular, Lawson is short for an NBA point guard, measuring in at a shade under 6-feet on a good day. His perimeter shooting can be streaky (36 percent from three-point range as a sophomore) and a slow release can make it difficult for him to catch and shoot.

At the NBA pre-draft in Orlando, Lawson has done some damage control on his draft stock. Though reports vary, most observers were impressed with Lawson's play on the second day against Tennessee-Martin's Lester Hudson. From Draft Express :

Ty Lawson was a cut above everyone else on the floor here, showing incredible quickness taking an outlet pass and getting his team out in transition, and fantastic court vision finding open teammates on the move. He made the game very simple for all of his teammates, as all they had to do was run with him and make sure their hands were ready for the pass.

Whether Lawson is a good fit for the Wizards remains up in the air. His play in a half-court offense is still a work in progress and he's not a lock-down perimeter defender like Mario Chalmers or other point guard prospects. But the Wizards are clearly interested, as they've already invited Lawson to work out for the team.

So what say you, Wizards fans? Where does Lawson rank on your wish list for potential Wizards draftees?

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