No big changes needed

From the FanPosts.  Our first "You Be the GM" proposal.  Comment away. -PM

I don’t think the Wizards need to do anything dramatic in the off-season. No blockbuster trades. No wheeling dealing…

1. Sign Antawn Jamison to a 4-year contract. First year is $11.5 Million.
2. Sign Gilbert Arenas to a 6-year contract, with the first year at $15.5 Million
3. Unless a top-10 player drops to # 18, draft either Robin Lopez or Roy Hibbert. Sign to a Rookie minimum contract around $1.4 Million
4. Again, unless a legit 1st round prospect falls to # 47, draft Kyle Weaver and sign him to a minimum contract $427K
5. Unfortunately, this scenario means that Roger Mason has to walk…. I believe another team (San Antonio) will offer Roger the full Mid-Level Exception… too much for the Wizards to match.

Here’s the Wizards payroll for 2008-2009:
Andray Blatche            $2,739,669
Antawn Jamison       $11,500,000
Antonio Daniels           $6,200,000
Brendan Haywood      $5,500,000
Caron Butler                 $9,249,980
Darius Songaila          $4,234,000
Deshawn Stevenson  $3,616,017
Dominic McGuire            $711,517
Etan Thomas               $6,864,200
Gilbert Arenas           $15,500,000
Nick Young                   $1,602,960
Oleksiy Pecherov         $1,446,720
1st Round Pick #18     $1,400,000
2nd Round Pick #47     $427,000

Total 2008-2009 Salaries:  $70,992,063

PG = Gilbert Arenas , Antonio Daniels , Kyle Weaver
SG = DeShawn Stevenson, Nick Young
SF = Caron Butler, Andre Blatche, Dominic McGuire
PF = Antawn Jamison , Andre Blatche, Darius Songaila; Oleksiy Pecherov
C = Brendan Haywood, Etan Thomas, Robin Lopez

Reasons for draft decisions:
Anyone you draft at #18 or #57 will have holes in their game; so I looked for someone that could bring something on the defensive side of the ball. The Wizards don’t have any trouble scoring, so drafting a defensive minded center and PG would be the logical thing. Another thing that I looked for is a player that takes the game, practices, shoot arounds, on-court activities, and off-court activities seriously. The last thing the Wizards need are more “cut-ups” and “happy go lucky” guys… Drafting guys with a little more seriousness might help some of the other younger guys stay focused

I'm assuming that a top prospect is not going to fall to the Wizards at #18... Guys I really like (Westbrook, Joe Alexander, and Kevin Love) will already be gone.

My first choice: Robin Lopez is a legit 7-footer. High energy player. Good defensively and on the boards. Poor offensive player, but then again, the Wizards won’t really need their backup Center to score much. Plays focused the whole game. Hard worker. Extremely motivated.

My backup plan is Roy Hibbert – Another very hard worker. Played in the Princeton Offense. 4 years at a Major University in a Major conference, playing against top competition. Great passer from the high and low post. Good footwork. Few turnovers. High shooting percentage. Good one-on-one defender. Weakness: rebounding, perimeter defense – best case, another Ilgauskas, worst case, another Calvin Booth

Second round, with pick #47 – The Wizards need to start grooming a young PG to take over when Antonio Daniels can no longer be the backup. At this spot, I again looked for someone with a defensive mind set. Kyle Weaver (6′5″ 201) – SIZE & DEFENSE. Tough. Hard worker. Combo guard, but I see him as a big PG in the NBA. Long arms. One of the best defenders in college basketball (he helped shut down OJ Mayo, and Jerryd Bayless – lottery picks – and highly regarded freshman James Hardin earlier this year). Very good assist to turn over ratio. Very good handle. Good FT shooter. Weaknesses: Mid range Shooting (Dave Hoopla, anyone?), skinny.

A lot of mock drafts were projecting him higher in the 2nd round, but he foolishly declined an invitation to the NBA Pre-Draft Camp. THAT will hurt his rankings, and will almost certainly cause him to fall into the lower half of the 2nd round. It also got me thinking about his intelligence…. but even with that mistake, he’s my first choice for the Wizards pick at # 47 in the Second round.


Why no off-season trades? Blockbuster moves? Sign-and-Trades?

1. The Wizards don't have any players (besides Arenas, Butler and Jamison) that would bring much in return. Guys like Thomas and Daniels have contracts that are just too high - and youngsters like Blatche, Pecherov, McGuire don't yet have any value. The only possibility would be to package Young with Daniels or Thomas to try to get another veteran.... but that would mean giving up on Young; which I am not prepared to do. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that since we don't own the "Bird rights" to Mason, we can't do a sign and trade...

2. The Wizards are too close to the Luxury Tax - therefore signing a veteran using the Mid-Level exception is out... Unless someone out there really thinks that a top-flight player would sign for $5M per year and that Abe Polin would approve it... Personally, I doubt there's any player out there at $5Million that will put the Wizards "over the hump", and make them a Championship contender right away.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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